A new web serial site: Ayami Publications

11 years ago | Ayami Tyndall (Member)

Hello to everyone here at Web Fiction Guide.
Now that my two stories are listed here, I would like to share my web serial site, Ayami Publications, with everyone here: http://ayami.rain.org/

There I am serializing novels I have written (and I hope to one day also share the work of other writers, if I can ever get out of the cave long enough to find any) . There are currently two going, which are listed here on Web Fiction Guide at:
and http://webfictionguide.com/listings/to-see-the-stars/

Both are sci-fi, but while To See the Stars as God is more an adventure story, Beyond Knowledge is a social drama.
Please read and comment, and know that there will be many more stories there in the future, all of which I will be listing here.

Enjoy and Share - http://ayami.rain.org

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