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  1. Khronosabre (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    What these guys said. Buffers are great and if you can do them, definitely do them. However, bit of advice from someone who failed at buffers literally the moment the first chapter was posted:

    In case your buffer fails, it's really important to know your limits and not set too high of an expectation for yourself. When we first launched Caelum Lex I had the stupid notion that I could do 8 or 9 illustrations per chapter. Which was stupid. And it didn't take me long to realize it. Eventually it stabilized out at 3 which was manageable for a while, but the quality wasn't what I wanted so finally I dropped it down to 2. I work a 50-70 hour a week job, I have a relationship to upkeep, cats to take care of, friends to spend time with and a serial to write and draw. I don't use a buffer (because I am stupid) but I do have a writing partner (which definitely helps considerably) and the most important thing is to find your balance. Figure out what you can comfortably complete in the amount of time you've allotted yourself. It will probably take some time and struggling, but find that happy place. And then if your buffer craps out on you, you'll still be able to stay consistent :)

  2. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Personally, I really really need a buffer. I spent a few months writing chapters until I had a buffer of 10 before I posted the first chapter, and now I'm using any extra time I have to try and expand the buffer more. I don't only feel more relaxed and secure with a buffer, I also appreciate being able to get feedback and making edits before something is posted. And I need to plan interwoven sideplots for 3 POV characters in advance.

    But the need for a buffer largely depends on the way your story is structured, your real life situation and personal preferences. A lot of writers seem to do just fine without a buffer.

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  3. Auto-nin (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Kess, Amy Kim Kibuishi, Khronosabre, and Chryalis. I am mainly going to need buffers with getting things set up and getting into a habit of writing everyday. If I just keep up my current goal of 1000 to 2000 words a day, I can easily keep up with how long it seems I am making Wild Cat's chapters and the fact I am planning to experimenting with my fanfiction chapters to see if shorter ones work better for me. However, I am also currently unemployed and looking for a job, so a buffer will be handy as I find that comfortable spot I can keep at it with all the changes going on in my life... Though would like my job to be writing and drawing all day, but got to work my way there. But, now I am glad I decided on this before getting any further in writing Wild Cat as once I have Arc 1 written out, I should have my WordPress site ready for it as well... After I figure WordPress out... Web design is not my strong suite, but can't afford to hire someone to help me out.

  4. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Wordpress itself offers a good amount of guides and tutorials on how to use it. And because it's very popular, you can google for an answer to almost any Wordpress related question. Chances are you'll get 5+ answers.

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  5. SgL (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Auto-nin: I wasn't sure if you were asking how to do multiple blogs on a wordpress site? Or just about running multiple fictions? If you are self-hosting and want to use one wordpress install you can use a plugin like Jonradio multiplethemes to have multiple looks under one installation.
    (See http://red-bird.org .)

    I have multiple themes because I was trying to bring back several fansites (largely dead but with lots of attached research) that were using Dreamweaver to update it (years ago) into one easier-to-update interface. Some of these sites had a particular kind of structure/"branding" that I wanted to stick closely to just because I didn't want to drastically change the look.

    If you are talking about running fanfiction and original at the same time, that's not something I can speak to. I gave up fanfiction a long time ago because once you immerse yourself into one world it's really hard to juggle around. I've seen a few people try to serialize two things at one time but most gave up and just did one serial and worked on their other books on the side out of the public eye.

    A comment too -- fanfiction readers are far more forgiving about irregularity. FF.net emails you whens omething goes up either by story or author and people already are used to waiting days/months, possibly years for the next update. For original work on the web, you have to watch out -- most people aren't all that cued into RSS anymore or watch twitter. You won't have too many opportunities to recapture your audience once you fall off the schedule wagon.

    (That said -- Wattpad is pretty good about emailing you notices. I think they're pretty good at retention of hard-core readers for stories with irregular post schedules. I would consider it a backup posting site but only if your content is teen-friendly.)

    One thing to also think ahead -- if your goal is digital/print compilation of your work, beware making all color illustrations. While it's free to upload your PDF to Amazon, they and others charge a fee for the bandwidth that is involved in someone's "purchase/download" of the title you are selling. Comics folks I know have said the fee that's subtracted from the transaction isn't insignificant.

    Printing in color via POD is also more expensive. COnsider right now what your end goal is going to be. If you don't know and want to keep all choices open, I advise going b/w or having a separate linework layer in your files so you later have the option to go b/w and readjust/change any colors to meet whatever printing requirements you might face in the future.

    Right now the costs for hardcover POD are pretty bad for color books in short-runs... so more than likely you need to think black and white/grey for the foreseeable future in self-publishing print.

  6. Auto-nin (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Thanks Chryalis, and big thanks to SgL. I understand the dilemma of trying to post more than one serial(original or fanfiction). Does not help my brain is more like a cosmos of worlds wanting to have stories from. Though, after struggling with three fanfiction and trying to figure out time to work on my novel, I discovered I can focus on two worlds at once and no more to still be write a good both stories. Hence I began working on Wild Cat and focusing on finishing Volume 1 of Log Horizon: Alien Chronicles. The two others I put up for vote to put to rewrite which the fans agreed and don't mind the wait as they know I am trying to get back into writing fanfiction and on a schedule released instead of the irregularity they are used to. Hence I am planning to do stories are arcs or fully out before posting to ensure that. Though, having the fanfiction on Wordpress seems better for me as having the ability to schedule posts ahead of time would help big time along with having everything in one spot being easier, hence why I am thinking of putting the wordpress site.

    Though, again thanks SgL. I do know of printing with being in graphic design. Color is expensive for printed books. Though, it also depends on how much color is used to do so. A lot of Wild Cat's illustrations I am actually probably only doing one or two colors max. In fact, it will probably look a little rougher than this sketch I did for my daily doodle below. I might play around with photoshop to see what happens if I put the illustrations in grayscale if I make it a book later on and use the color for web.


  7. Auto-nin (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    If the link does not work, then I need help figuring out how to embedded a jpeg in the forums.

  8. Auto-nin (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    I have started working on the Wordpress site. However, I am overwhelmed by all the choices for themes and wondering if someone can help me out on that. With how I am with coding, it is best I use a theme where I will be not editing too much(basically just changing colors and such). I am planning to host multiple fictions on the site(calling it Auto-nin's Secret Lair). I am keeping all of it on one site instead of different ones as it will be easier for me to handle them in one spot along with having a central hub where I can put all my updates at. I will be using the same layout for all the fiction, minus different graphics like banners and such which I do know how to loosely work with and just need to look up on how to do it correctly.

  9. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    I've found the Wordpress theme search really helpful. Go here: http://theme.wordpress.com/ then click on "find a theme" and you can also use a filter to only show free themes by clicking "free".

    You need to have an idea of what Wordpress features are important to you. I did a search for "custom header", "flexible header" and "right sidebar" because I wanted my banner image to be visible without cropping it. Custom header lets you change the default header image, which I'd recommend for you. I also wanted a sidebar to be able to add donation buttons at some point in the future - without sidebar, you can create a donation page, but most readers wouldn't ever click that.

    The rest is personal preference. A comment on colors - I think free themes generally don't let you change the colors of titles or links unless you pay for the customization option, which is 30 or so dollars a year. I think there is a "custom design colors" feature that you can include in your search, but I haven't tested that one.

    Edit to add: Seeing as you do your own illustrations, you might also want to include "custom background" in your search.

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  10. Auto-nin (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    -Head hits wall- Why the -bleeping- heck did that not appear when I clicked themes while logged into Wordpress? Thank you so much, Chrysalis. I been going through, trying to look at themes and such, for the last three hours. Yet your link just made it so I can FINALLY look at the themes and see which one I need(both visual and informational stuff, that is). When I was using the search tool in the dashboard for the themes, it would not let me get more information on them to see what I was looking for. However, you can edit the themes, both free and premium. There is a custom design feature on Wordpress that allows it, but you begin to dig into CSS and such with doing the more complex stuff which I have a basic understanding of and the tools to do it with. However, some have certain features locked like header and such, which I was trying to find out, but where I got to the themes to search wouldn't let me see the full details earlier(like if custom header is allowed, but no custom background). Again, thank you so much, Chrysalis. I found five themes I might choose from instead of over 100 to 400 themes to skim through like my earlier searches.

  11. Kess (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Auto-nin, did you say that you were going to put original and fan-fiction on the one site? Because this is a bad idea.

    I was chatting about this type of setup with a friend the other day, and she reminded me of something important to remember: if you have fan-fiction on your site, and you want to make money off anything on that site, then you open yourself to being sued by (and having to pay royalties to) the author/license owner of the original work. Basically, they can make the argument that you're making money from their work and reputation, even if the stuff you're selling is not the fan-fic (you've used the fan-fic as a marketing tool, essentially).

    Multiple stories on a site are fine, but I'd keep your original fiction completely separate from your fan-fiction if I were you, especially if you might monetise any of it someday. Many authors use different pseudonyms for this reason, and there have been cases where authors have been tripped up by this (in court). It'll save you a potential headache in the long run.

    If you weren't going to include your fan-fic in your new site, nothing to see here, never mind. :) Good luck!

  12. Auto-nin (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Thank you for letting me know, Kess. There goes my plan of streamlining everything into one site(though was planning on marking clearly the webfiction and fanfiction). I have been trying to get it so I am not all over the internet after my first rundown of "Social Media Burnout" earlier this year. Not fun when trying to figure out marketing as a freelancer, especially for someone who is slowly getting out of being a social media hermit. Might make two Wordpress sites or something else as I am really thinking of leaving Fanfiction.net. Though, that is why Patreon.com is making itself so original and fan work creators can get support for their projects and such to ensure people who are using it does not get their butts sued for just trying to make it so they can keep posting the content they are making. Though I heard of that "marketing tool" claim as well. That is beginning to become obsolete due to how marketing is changing as it is becoming more and more clear you need show what you really got with personal projects as artists and such. Especially since normal ads are just becoming plain annoying to people, so having some artists and such doing fanworks or people doing reviews o the book or such that spread the word works better than the ads nowadays, even if they piggy off it to get some new fans for their own stuff. Still, you got those content owners with lawyers on speed dial and with how poor I am, I can't afford to go to court.

    I do have a Patreon.com campaign for my fanfiction, though did it more to figure out how it works for future reference and use the activity feed. Don't have any current donations and not planning on anyone donating. This is due to Fanfiction.net has yet to make a system to allow authors to update fans of what is going on without going through posting such an update as a chapter or making a forum. It would save everyone the headaches of notice chapters and authornotes if they did, though I am just getting back into forums after staying clear of them for years. I had bad experiences with forums as a kid along side chat rooms due to cyber bullying before that type of bullying. Since I am planning now that I decided to post my novel as a web serial to changing to purely supporting my web serial and just keep posting updates and such on my fanfiction on the live feed if I keep it on Fanfiction.net. Unless someone knows of a better fanfiction site that at least offer an system to let you update your fans on what is going on? I am seriously thinking of moving off Fanfiction.net after realizing how outdated it is, be it my own Wordpress site or another fanfiction site.


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