April Fools Swap 2019

1 week ago | Alexander.Hollins (Member)

anyone interested?

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  1. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    Possibly, since I have a new serial that's currently updating. Don't know for sure, though. I'll have to look into how busy I'm going to be in March.

    Anathema, a web serial about the effect superpowers would have on our world. http://anathemaserial.wordpress.com/
  2. Megajoule (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago


    https://inheritorsserial.com / a clone of the greatest superhero in the world, with only a fraction of the power
  3. AdamBolander (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    I'm interested! How does it work? Is it an outright spoof of whoever we're swapping with's story, or do we try to write it as convincingly as we can? Do we need to know very much about the story we're swapping?

    Author of The Gray Ranger, The Slayer and The Sphinx, Juryokine, Amber Silverblood, and more! Read for free on http://www.bolanderbooks.com
  4. ElliottThomasStaude (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    Is it considered sufficiently hipster to go with an epistolary Crocodile Hunter styled documentary by a character from one’s own canon?

    If you've a head for holistic science fantasy, the Library may oblige: https://www.thomas-generalized-recountings-library.com
    If you've a dislike for lengthy names, I'm so sorry.
  5. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

    Posted 6 days ago

    I'll put together a new page and thread then, and we can try and drum up some volunteers. Adam, generally the idea is to play it pretty straight until a twist end.


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