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5 years ago | KAWebb (Member)

Last time I was on the forum was three years ago, so I guess I'm reintroducing myself. Hi. :) I'm Kayleigh, I'm 27, and I live in the UK (which does have an effect on where I'm setting my stories... if they aren't on other worlds).

With that done I guess I just wanted to enjoy this moment with some other people. I've been a ghostwriter for nearly two years now and I've found it incredibly difficult to combine ghostwriting with working on my original fiction. To be honest it's been a pretty difficult two years. As much as I appreciate being able to earn a living (mostly) from my writing, it's hard to write for other people. Writing things I have very limited interest in made it almost impossible for me to switch between the two. Some days it was easier than others.

A couple of months ago I came to a realisation. As I was ghostwriting for people to be able to self-publish a lot of the time I found myself trying to fit my way of writing into a round hole, when I'm probably a triangular peg. :D That was never going to work, and trying, obviously, just made it all that much harder. Now I'm letting myself be all different and triangular I've found it very freeing. I've overhauled my website, which is still a work in progress at the moment. I've found myself enjoying writing for me again. I've been rereading things I started and found myself unable to finish due to lack of will power, only to find I was mere words away from coming to a good point to end that particular part.

Plus it didn't help that I was spending too much of my time comparing myself to other webfic writers. That was something else I needed to stop, and so far I've done a pretty good job of it. We are all different to each other. We have our own way of doing things. I'm 'allowed' to do my own thing, and that's also helped. For those of you who might be interested in write in what I call collections, because I don't just focus on one character or one story line, and instead write a number of stories for that collection, often including crossovers and AUs. I do that because I enjoy it. I do that because I love to tell a story from multiple points of view and get to know characters who'd probably be seen as minor characters. Letting myself do that without telling myself it was wrong is helping me to regain my mojo.

So, yeah, this was basically just a post to share my happiness at being back on my path. Next month I'm going to begin posting regularly again and I feel so much lighter than I have done in a long time. Thank you all for reading. :)

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  1. LEErickson (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Hi, Kayleigh!

    I've been where you are, maybe not in specifics but it the general sense of the mojo slipping away and struggling to figure out why. The serial I started (almost) a year ago was part of my attempt to rediscover my love for writing. So far, so good, and the sense of re-discovering myself has spilled over into other areas of my life, too. I hope things go as well for you as they have for me.

    Welcome back--in many senses, it seems. :)

  2. Dary (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    The first rule of writing is: THERE ARE NO RULES.

  3. KAWebb (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Thanks for the replies. :)

    Hopefully they will, Lori, because I could really do with it. Writing has always been a part of my life and not feeling like I could do anything more than the work I was being paid for was hard.

    When you're ghostwriting, Dary, there are rules. It's all about doing what the client wants and getting out of that mindset is tougher than I thought it would be. Now I'm able to switch between the two of them more easily I can get back to being the writer I am, instead of the writer I need to be in order to earn an income.

  4. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Thanks for the post! Honestly, ghostwriting is something I've wondered about - particularly after the "April Fools" swaps, in terms of getting into another writer's head. I feel like I work a lot better when I have an existing framework. But that's an interesting point about the constraints too, and I suppose I've been lucky in terms of the selections I've had to date. I also wonder if I'd be satisfied having another person's name on the output, since I wouldn't be able to point and say "look at what I did!", be it in the context of pride or in trying to bring more traffic to someone else's site. It does seem like a different world.

    At any rate, glad you're happy, and enjoy the path! I don't know that the comparison stuff ever necessarily stops, but maybe that's me... for that matter, it is comforting to hear you mention not focussing on a single character or storyline. I'm really bad for jumping from head-to-head (I try not to do it within a single entry... any more...) because I'm kind of the same way. I simply cannot keep my mind from skipping tracks. And I feel like that's problematic. But I do my best to bring the audience along, and not appear too ADD. ^_^

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