Back with The Last Skull

12 years ago | Robert Rodgers (Member)

So it's been a rough few weeks for me--I'd rather not go too deep into the details--but now I'm back, and anyone who's following the Last Skull is invited to continue following Sue Daysdale's exploits (though if you'd rather not after my extended disappearance, I'd understand!). I've posted the next two bits and I'm getting ready to keep pushing on:

...are the two most recent bits, detailing the arrival of a new villain in Scourge's employ (Rockstar, a musically-inclined rock golem who wants to bring about the 'Rockalypse' and replace the hippie screed of 'Peace and Love' with one of 'Hate and Awesome').

...of course, if you haven't ever read any of this, nothing I just said will likely make any sense, in which case I apologize in advance.

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  1. EK Gonzales (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    Hello. Unfortunately I'm replying about Arcadia Snips, which I found by following links of The Last Skull (sorry). I'm loving the Arcadia Snips story already from the time the pig-shaped dirigible flew. Thank you for writing it and the best of success with the newer story, which I shall get to reading eventually.

  2. Robert Rodgers (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    No worries, and no need to apologize. And thanks! I plan on writing a sequel to Arcadia Snips eventually, but considering the lack of sales for the first book it probably will just be posted online somewhere. I haven't gotten to it largely out of lack of response for the first book (also because RL has been kind of hectic).


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