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8 years ago | Ageless Author (Member)

If anyone would like to review my site, or would simply like cool fiction to read, check me out here.

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  1. Verydien (Member)

    Posted 8 years ago

    I quickly scanned through the beginning of your story, and it was interesting. I'd like to continue reading it further when I have more time.

    As for the site, it didn't feel very welcoming, and it the background was a little distracting. Too much text to contrast with your text. I think it might also be better if you switched the order around. Maybe have the beginning of the story on the homepage (or even have a blank homepage and links to updates/beginning) and have the dragon be the link to the latest updates, that way there is no confusion for new readers to figure out what to do.

    Anyways, I hope my suggestions help in some way. :)

    Shadow's Light: a dark fantasy webseries
    "...Would you choose to save the lives of those who abused you, or witness and bring upon their demise?"


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