Cloudnigh, an online light serial

12 years ago | Spinner (Member)

It's taken me some time to get this up--about four months--but at long last, Cloudnigh is live.

Cloudnigh is an online light-serial taking place in the somewhat-distant future, after humanity's relocation to a new world at lightspeed warps their genetic make up, giving them two hearts and complete energy efficiency. Against this backdrop is the tricardiac mutant, Roman Fairchild, a seventeen-year-old whose online relationship to Kyrie Kapoor comes to a head when her band posts a show in his home town. All seems to be going well, until The Siphon, a sinister war game replacing executive government comes literally crashing down on his doorstep. Soon, everything Roman knows is thrown into upheaval as the world, both at home and abroad, seems ready to rend itself apart.

You can find the site at, and the forums at The story is updated on Tuesdays and Fridays. =)

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

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