Demons of Doubt & Mistakes Made

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  1. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 11 months ago

    Thank you to everyone who has posted here. I've read all of your posts and it really means a lot to me that you shared your own difficulties with writing and for all of your supportive words.

    You've all given me a lot to think about, personally. Ultimately, I'm really glad you've shared what you have in a thread like this, so that it can help others. It's helped me a lot and given me a great deal to think about. The most important thing is that this is here for others to see and bring their own stories to. I hope everyone here can check out all the other posts here from everyone. I really hope that in the future someone new to this community, who is having their own doubts at that time, can come to this thread and see all of this great advice.

    We may all be throwing words into the void of the internet, but we aren't alone in this endeavor, nor are we alone with our own unique difficulties. The wonderful part of this is that despite our individual problems we face, we all keep going. It takes a lot of courage to work on a Web Fiction, and I really appreciate that all of you continue on.

    WFG is a really great community and all of you make it so.

    Thank you. I want to go more in-depth, as the thread goes on, but right now my mind is ready to explode, lol.

    I have stuff on here too! The Vorrgistadt Saga.
  2. Kraken Attacken (Member)

    Posted 11 months ago

    @SovereignofAshes, I can't imagine how tough it must have been for you to go through all of that. All I can say is that in the end, as long as you can still dream, invent, write, and create, then you should continue to pursue it, even if you have to change your methodology, just don't stifle your output. No matter how long you stay on the floor after having been knocked down, as long as you get back up, you haven't lost yet.

    Well, my story isn't a long one but here it goes.

    I first fully discovered web fiction when my brother recommended one to me (TZKS). After much pestering on his part, I finally decided to start reading it. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the read, it also clued me into something that I had struggled to see through a lack of confidence in myself, and my ability to be creative: Anyone can create anything.

    I had always had this notion in my head that if I were to actually be a writer, I would have to go through official publication and all the other jazz that goes along with it, that I would somehow be a fraud if I didn't do it the "professional" way, but looking at the various web fictions I have come across, I've come to realise that my way of thinking is deeply flawed.

    Truth be told, it has been a long journey for me to come to the point where I can accept my own creativity as legitimate. While I have been inspired by all the many authors on this site (including the one that got me started reading web fiction), my true goal in life is to simply express my creativity in every way I possibly can.

    My one true goal in life is simply to create, and continue creating for the rest of my life.

    Film, writing, game design...I intend to pursue it all to the fullest, and getting inspired here has been a big step for me. As it stands for me, my motivation to create comes from my passion to create. As long as one or two of my friends can attest that they like my work, and I can showcase it to the world, then I am content, even if it doesn't gain a large following. Don't get me wrong, if I could gain a great deal of popularity and prestige through my work, I'd like that, but it's not completely necessary. I just don't want to take my ideas to the grave with me, or only give a few friends the chance to experience them.

    So I guess the thing that truly keeps me going is the sense of community that creativity brings, and the fact that I can be a part of various communities. If it wasn't for the feedback I received from comments left on TZKS, showing me that there really was a real life, flesh and blood person behind the story, and that he's just as human as me, I might not have started writing web fiction myself.

    There's more that I could say, but I think I've started to ramble, so I'll wrap up by saying this: The day that I lose my motivation to create, whether through writing or otherwise, will be the day that I lose my creativity. I don't intend any creative endeavour I embark on to be my last, not until the day I die.

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