Developing listing, 2014 completed serials

4 years ago | SgL (Member)

Happy New Year all!
It's time to make a 2014 Completed list of serials at (similar to 2013's list at .

I limit entrants to this list to authors in communities or circles I float in and generally to _independently hosted_ stories.

If you are an active member of this forum (and yes, I do know who that is since I lurk here daily) and had a serial that finished this year, please post your review link. I will likely use your summary from WFG to provide a small blurb to the story. If it's NSFW, PLEASE flag for me so I can put that in the listing as well.

If you do not have your own story but want to nominate something listed in WFG, please go ahead and toss it in. I'll evaluate the reviews and make a decision on these as well.

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  1. Fiona Gregory (Moderator)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I nominate Orbital Academy by Maddirose (NSFW) and Kinda Super Gay by Billy Higgins (it just finished literally on the last day of 2014)

  2. Tartra (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Wait, Kinda Super Gay is already finished? :O I thought it was brand new!

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  3. Billy Higgins Peery (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Thanks for the nomination, Fiona!

    SGL, by review link, do you mean the WFG page? If so, this is it:

    Yep, Tartra! Sorry, it's just a novella, so the main story's all done. There are still two bonus chapters left, though. (Possibly three, if I get another WFG review.) Actually, I'm about 30,000 words into my next serial, a slightly more serious, significantly longer, non-medieval epic fantasy. I'll probs start posting it in the next couple months, once I've written a big-ish portion of it. So y'all haven't seen the last of me! Far from it! Moohaha!

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  4. SgL (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Yep, Billy - that helps!

    Fiona (or Chris) -- is there any way to parse out the "completed" stories within a timeframe? Wondering if that might be the best way to sort through such a task. Thanks!

  5. Chris Poirier (Moderator)

    Posted 4 years ago

    There are two sections: and Everything in the second should be in the first, but I think that's currently not the case. I'll fix it up when I get a chance.


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