Don't Feed The Dark in Audio

4 years ago | Scott Scherr (Member)

For anyone who listens to audio books, or if you're just curious, the first 12 episodes (four chapters) of my apocalyptic horror serial, Don't Feed The Dark, are now available online. I met an aspiring audio book narrator last year who started reading my story and then started practicing with it. It's been exciting listening to my own story and these characters come to life in this format. We're currently calling this an experiment as we test the waters, but it's been a fun process so far. I've created a tab on the top of my homepage if you want to check it out.

Author of the apocalyptic series, Don't Feed The Dark.

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  1. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    That's awesome man! I'll give them a listen sometime later this week :D Have you considered releasing them as a podcast?

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  2. Scott Scherr (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Hey Revfitz, this is all new ground for me. But I'm sure a podcast would be possible at some point. Right now we're just trying to discover where the audio book crowds hang out. I think Youtube is our next step. Time will tell. If you do get around to listening to them, please let Jerimiah know what you think. He's always looking to improve and appreciates feedback.

    Author of the apocalyptic series, Don't Feed The Dark.


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