Drew Hayes - Guest blog -- going from serial to books

5 years ago | SgL (Member)

The last few months both Drew Hayes ("Super Powered") and COlleen Vanderlinden ("Hidden") have been showing some interesting data/success as their serials evolved into books.

Colleen has been tweeting some impressive rankings for her Hidden series and indicated she is not going to serialize her next book. (Think she can get it done faster/make more sales.)

Drew continues to serialize.

In any case, Drew took a bunch of questions I asked him and formulated a post talking a bit more about his experiences. Hopefully this makes interesting and otherwise encouraging reading:

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  1. Nick Bryan (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    I'm just getting rolling on this process for the first Hobson & Choi arc, so this is nicely timed. Good post too.

    Hobson & Choi - my blackly comic mystery serial - existing now on Jukepop Serials!


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