Everybody Dies.

2 weeks ago | revfitz (Member)

Alright, so below I have the posting schedule for the "Everybody Dies" guest posts. This guest posting event features stories across genres by many very talented serial writers. The only restriction was that it had to be under 4k and everyone in the story HAS TO DIE AT THE END!!!

I will be posting one per Friday on my website https://revfitz.com starting this week. As far as promoting these go I will be posting on Reddit the day that they go up, as well as sharing the pins on Pinterest that day. My newsletters go out on Wednesdays which means that I will be promoting to my list a little under a week after a post goes up. If you are included in this mad event consider telling your own readers about it to help everybody out.

I will also update this thread with the stories as they go up.

The Schedule:

*August 3rd: Rainy Days by Rhythm author of Touch https://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/17144/touch/chapter/200936/prologue-david
*August 10th: Scourge by Resheet Schultz author of Codex https://codexserial.com/
*August 17th: Cybercelestial by Shaeor author of Chosen Shackles https://chosenshackles.com/
*August 24th: 1953 by AM_Thorn author of Vigilantes Make Us Safe https://147publishing.wordpress.com/
*Agust 31st: Angel by Megajoule author of Inheritors https://inheritorsserial.com/
*September 7th: Title Pending by Walter author of The Fifth Defiance https://thefifthdefiance.com/
*September 14th: Title Pending by Teowi author of Gods Are Watching https://godsarewatching.wordpress.com/

Stay groovy :D

Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
Updates Wednesdays at: revfitz.com

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  1. AM_Thorn (Member)

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    I'm very excited to read all of the others. For the record, http://vigilantesmakeussafe.com works too. It just redirects to my other page but it works.

  2. Shaeor (Member)

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Very nice!

    CHOSEN SHACKLES The screen is running static. Face your shadow.
    DIRGE The light is dying. Hold your breath and go gently.
  3. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    "Everybody Dies #1: Rainy Days" by Rhythm is up and can be read here: https://revfitz.com/everybody-dies-rainy-days/ Please remember to comment or vote for them when you are finished reading :D

    Though not in the same Super Hero genre that Rhythm's "Touch" is in (which can be found here: https://touchwebserial.com/2017/09/03/prologue-david/), "Rainy Days" shows off Rhythm's often literary tone and style that is found throughout their writing. For those of you that are not familiar with their work, Rhythm does not write for tourists and their skills are on full display in this piece. Enjoy!

    I will remember to use that link in the future :)

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
    Updates Wednesdays at: revfitz.com
  4. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    "Everybody Dies #2: Scourge" by Re'sheet Schultz is up and can be read here: https://revfitz.com/everybody-dies-scourge/ Give them some feedback when you are done reading it :D

    Re'sheet's Codex (which can be found here: https://codexserial.com/) is new to the serial scene. The site is good looking and if you like fantasy then Codex is a must read.

    This week I wanted to share some of my stats and numbers for Rhythm's story "Rainy Days", which was last week's Everybody dies entry. I want to be as transparent as I can about everything in this event.

    As of right now, the story has been read a total of 104 times with a peak of 24 reads on the day it was posted and 24 reads the following Monday. 10 people followed outlinks to Rhythm's site and 2 voted for "Touch" from my site on The Top Web Fiction in that span of time. My mailing list newsletter went out on Wednesday with 16 of my subscribers following the link to Rhythm's site. I see an average of 35% opens for my mailing campaigns 11% following links, as of right now the open rate is at 29% with a link click rate of 6%. I expect this to rise over the weekend.

    For those of you guest posting for Everbody Dies I encourage you to share both Rainy Days and Scourge to your platforms and social media outlets and to comment on the stories themselves. The more exposure that each author provides the better the event will be for everybody :)
    I'll be totally honest here: this is my exit from webfiction as I get serious about self-publishing. I do not think that webfiction traffic converts to ebook buyers very well (at least not for what I like to write) so the event was not meant to bolster my own standing. Instead, I wanted to give back to the community for all of the support and lessons I have received from it. I decided to do this by providing what mad audience I have to those still in the serial game by providing a space for guest posting. Though the effects may be small from my site at first, I truly believe that guest posting and outreach are powerful tools for the community that will have accumulative effects to those that take part.
    So please, use these stories as social proof to others for guest posting in the future. Writers with bigger and better-targeted audiences will be more likely to allow you to guest post on their sites if they see that you have been trusted to do so on other writer's sites. Help each other out. Self-promotion does not work nearly as well as shilling other people's work, by promoting other's you can help promote yourself without the self-promotion backlash.

    Thank you for letting me rant. You all are some of the most talented people on the internet and it has been a privilege to be able to work with you :D I am forever grateful for how this forum has helped me grow. You guys, gals, and hoopy froods are awesome.

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
    Updates Wednesdays at: revfitz.com
  5. Lonesome Traveler (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    This is a very wholesome effort and it's really great to see. I can definitely say as a reader of several serials that nothing draws my attention to new works better than guest content or mentions. If I trust an author, it means a lot to see their trust in someone else's work. And even if the guest's stuff isn't great or isn't something I'm interested in, it still reflects well on the host just for being willing to help someone else reach new audiences. Win-win for all involved.

    Bravo for taking the time and going out of your way to do this, @Revfitz. Hope everything continues to go well.

    I'll be excited to see the rest of the guest lineup, here, too. I've been enjoying everyone's submissions.

  6. AM_Thorn (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    I wrote up a post about it for my site. https://wordpress.com/post/147publishing.wordpress.com/590 Hopefully it draws a little attention to any of RevFitz/Rhythm/Re'Sheet.

  7. Teowi (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    Thank you a lot for the transparency, Revfitz. I'm also looking forward to reading all of the other great entries. :) As for promotion, I'm afraid I can't help because I have literally no readers on my website (I find this kind of funny) and no social media that link to it. I'll make sure to vote for every serial as their respective guest post comes up, though.
    I'm also in the middle of a serial overhaul/revision hell, so my guest story coming up last really helps me out. However, my website might be looking as fresh as Re'Sheet's once readers get to it.

  8. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    @Lonesome Traveler
    I think that is exactly why guest posting is so effective. I am glad that you are enjoying it so far! Thank you for taking the time to check out these authors :D

    I saw the Pingback for that! Thank you for promoting this! All of our efforts will have an accumulative effect, I appreciate you taking the time to help others :D

    Of course! I want this to be a learning experience for myself and for others. If you have any specific questions about this let me know and I will be happy to answer. Though a link to the stories now may not yield results it may help in the long run as you gain momentum.

    Thank you to those who have left comments and have told their readers about the event. You are awesome.

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
    Updates Wednesdays at: revfitz.com
  9. Megajoule (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    Boom, went ahead and shared both the posts on my Facebook page.

    https://inheritorsserial.com / a clone of the greatest superhero in the world, with only a fraction of the power
  10. Walter (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    Thanks for doing this Rev. I wish you great success in your ebook publishing!

  11. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 3 days ago

    "Everybody Dies #3: Cybercelestial" by Shaeor is up and ready to read! https://revfitz.com/everybody-dies-cybercelestial/ If you liked it remember to vote for them on The Top Web Fiction and comment :D

    Shaeor's "Chosen Shackles" is one of my favorite reads on the internet. It placed in the top three of the web serials that made the best first impressions (https://revfitz.com/web-serials-made-best-impressions/), and it is a serial that I was more than happy to give a good review. They have a profound understanding of the Cyber Punk genre and the story bleeds those tropes like poetry throughout. If you like your Sci-Fi gritty, cerebral, and action-packed, then give them a look!

    I am happy to share statistics again if anyone is interested :)

    Thank you :D

    Thank you, I appreciate the well-wishing!

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
    Updates Wednesdays at: revfitz.com
  12. Shaeor (Member)

    Posted 2 days ago

    Thanks again, Rev. I'd be interested to know stats. When I put 'Cybercelestial' up on my site very soon I'm going to link back, by the way. And, as always, I really appreciate the love for Chosen Shackles. I'm on a short schedule break right now, but I just gotta power through this slump and get back to writing.

    CHOSEN SHACKLES The screen is running static. Face your shadow.
    DIRGE The light is dying. Hold your breath and go gently.


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