For a New Web Fiction Guide (or at least some DISCORD until then)

2 years ago | nippoten (Member)

Alright. Okay.

So it's safe to assume that it'll be a while until a new and proper Web Fiction Guide starts up again, or if ever. Not to disparage any behind the scene efforts, it's just, we get it, but let's not have any illusions here.

Until then, however, a way more way cooler web fiction scene has been moving in the cut. Did any of you even know? Well now you do!

Introducing (more or less properly) the WebFictionChat discord:

Some of you may already be more than familiar with the place. For others, or newcomers to the web fiction scene, let me give you the rundown.

WebFictionChat is a smallish but pretty active group of writers shooting the shit, workshopping serials, playing Minecraft, and so on and so on. Many of the writers in there you've either seen active on these forums, or you've come across their work in another capacity. Basically, we've got some talent in there. However, readers who just want to discuss serials or find new ones to read are very much welcome.

What else we got? A lot, somehow.

Want a place to work on upcoming chapters of your serial or other projects? Feel free! Want to peruse some cool art and share some of your own? We got a place for that too! You want to spam some inexplicably unrelated kpop emotes? We got those too, for whatever reason (I mean I know the reason and yet...)

There's a Minecraft server if you ever want to relax in that way, and don't forget to listen to the official podcast! That's right, WFC has a podcast, Handsome Voices Are Never Wrong, where the hosts Sharkerbob and ElliottThomasStaude talk about web serials (among other things) and even bring on other writers as guests to talk about their work. It's all really cool stuff. Some sample episodes here:

And if you want to engage with others' stuff in a more direct way, we've got a channel of other people's writer discords as well. Couple samples here:

Shaeor's Creep:

Alexander Wales:

Rhythm's Touch:

And of course, mine for Entirely Presenting You and Bon Week-end:

So yeah. We've got a lot going on. A lot of it is utter nonsense but a lot of it is cool stuff, slick stuff. The web fiction scene isn't just other other hub places, and it isn't necessarily just these forums as well. If you're looking for a pretty neat alt. place to hang out, WFC might just be that place for you.


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  1. Sharkerbob (Member)

    Posted 2 years ago

    I will second this notion.


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