Got a question about length.

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  1. Psycho Gecko (Member)

    Posted 10 months ago

    From Gamma Unchained: "Initialization complete. System activation in 3.02 minutes." 3.02 minutes later in the song... "All systems online!


    Admittedly, that quote goes in the opposite direction, but I like the attention to detail.

  2. ScreamingCandle (Member)

    Posted 10 months ago


    Just to wrap up with this, the results were... mixed. I think that cutting the two stories, which were
    for a shameless plug, into three parts a piece hit a mechanic in the wordpress reader that essentially gave me more bites at the apple for picking up rando's. It did have the side effect of having a new piece out every day over a number of days which seemed to help slightly, but at this point I have exactly zero reputation so my numbers are tiny and any blip shows up.

    Still, This month seems to be going better than the month before, if only by degrees. I think that for my next serial, I won't structure it so that a weekly schedule of a big block is what is required. Having smaller parts more frequently maybe better given the way people tend to find me, which seems to be overwhelmingly through the wordpress reader.

    So... mixed. Still no equivalent measure to the 3:05 pop song.

    Stay weird.


    PS: couldn't get the links to work. Sorry for the mess.

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