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Hello, everyone!

I've lurked a bit but never posted. I thought I would sign in and say hello now that my web serial is moving along.

I'm a fantasy author with a small, independent press out of Arizona. I write The War Golem, which is listed here in the fantasy section. I plan to update 2-3 times a week for now, since I'm between novels.

Currently, the link to my story is incorrect. It's actually:

I typically write young adult fantasy, but this story is mature with strong language. Just a little bit of warning.

I look forward to interacting more with the community in the future.

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  1. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Welcome to the community! Your serial looks interesting!

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  2. Docmars (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    a hoy hoy

  3. Rhythm (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Yo :)

  4. Walter (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago


  5. Typist Kid (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Hey! I checked out your story and I like it. A nice twist to normal-end up in other world stories.

  6. Kraken Attacken (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Hello! I'm a newbie here myself. Will take a look at your work and write a review, but I wanna take a bit and write a long-ass review for another work i just finished reading, so I'll begin reading your story very soon.

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  7. jagiunta (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the interest. I'm trying to put out roughly 30 pages a week, so hopefully I can keep people coming back.
  8. Psycho Gecko (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Eh, community's not all it's cracked up to be. That's why I go my own way, wearing a black leather jacket and everything. I'm a lone wolf. A solitary eagle. A cuddly baby tapir.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I caught a bad case of allergies. Gotta go lay down somewhere and hope the flowers don't murder me. Like a real man. A real man with sniffles.

    Oh, and welcome to the community.

  9. Tintenteufel (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Glad to have you here! Welcome and don't listen to the gecko.

    Very cool to hear you are publishing and this isn't your first project. :) I am curious to find out more. And feel free btw. to check out the officially inoffical Discord Chat.

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  10. jagiunta (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Oh! I didn't see a discord link posted anywhere. Or is it not posted?


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