Handsome Voices Are Never Wrong!

2 weeks ago | Sharkerbob (Member)

Myself and ElliottThomasStaude have begun a podcast which is more or less a general-topics talkabout, but we also intend to talk about web fiction semi-regularly, be it serials, comics, other audios, etc. Ideally, we would also be able to use this platform as a bit of a promo tool for web fiction, and we could have guest stars on to talk about their work. That would be in the future, though, for now we're going to just get the foundation planted.

We're still working out the kinks in the audio, so I apologize for any sound quality issues (such as the ten minutes of dead air at the end of the track that my video editing software insisted on including).

Have a listen and enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czP0RzjkLGc

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  1. ubersoft (Member)

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    They are really good broadcast voices! But two hours is a lot. I've been listening to it in bits and pieces.

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  2. Admiralmonkeyman (Member)

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    I thought it was a very enjoyable podcast. Good work on you guys. Hope to see more in the future.

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  3. nippoten (Member)

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Bout an hour to hour and a half is a good healthy length

  4. Sharkerbob (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago


    Another episode out, this one is just under an hour. That's what we'll be shooting for from here on out, if only so I don't spend all the next day editing the track. :P

  5. ubersoft (Member)

    Posted 1 week ago

    I hear you! Editing audio is not one of my favorite things.

    Also, what's the link to the new one? The link to the old one doesn't show it.

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    A Rake by Starlight (Updating)
  6. Sharkerbob (Member)

    Posted 5 days ago

    Sorry about that! Here's the link for the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh0zhGH7JPMmxSliezRvcCB5YX4rcCWVa


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