Hogarth talks Space Marines

6 years ago | Alexander.Hollins (Member)


Boing Boing has picked it up. Hey Hogarth! Idea. you should get someone to graphic novel Spots, and then see if the Comic Book Defense league will help you out. alternately, see if the UCLA will treat it as a first ammendment case.

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  1. Wildbow (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    Hey, good stuff on starting to get the word out.

  2. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 6 years ago

    After I read the article I was thinking that someone ought to send it to Boing Boing...

    Also reddit, Slashdot, and the rpg.net forums.

  3. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    holy carp! It's getting sent around by Doctorow, Gaiman, and others. Hogarth, we would LOVE to hear what kind of traffic effect this has over the next couple of weeks for you.

  4. Wildbow (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    I noticed a reddit thread linking to Hogarth's livejournal thread. Added a link to the boingboing article on /r/writing.

  5. SgL (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    It showed up on reddit but in the Warhammer group - not a good place. I briefly thought about putting in a link on /r/writing but am not sure about whether it would be deemed spammy.

    glad boingboing got it though. It'll get good traction now.

  6. ubersoft (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    I posted something on my site about it. If you have a space on your site for that kind of information, I recommend doing it. We don't have the same kind of reach Scalzi, Boing Boing, or Doctorow have, but every bit helps.

    Curveball (Updating)
    A Rake by Starlight (Updating)
  7. Wildbow (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    I'll wait until tonight's chapter goes live and put it in the comments. That should put more eyes on it than anything else.

  8. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    and Wil Wheaton has just directly asked Pope and the EFF to get involved.

  9. Amy Kim Kibuishi (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    Aw way to go MCA! Maybe this can help sort everything out! Here's hoping... :)

  10. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 6 years ago

    Whoa. I've submitted things to Slashdot a bunch of times, but this is the first time any submission has gotten on the front page.

  11. SgL (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    FYI - She's been posting on twitter @mcahogarth.
    30k to the WP, and LJ is almost untrackable (lj-tools went byebye a while ago).

    Hoping she finds legal representation who can work pro bono....

  12. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 6 years ago

    It looks like it's possible. There's a lawyer with a blog who publicized this, and he's got a track record for finding good pro bono lawyers.

  13. M.C.A. Hogarth (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    It's now up to 39,000 on the WP blog. God knows what on the LJ mirror, but the blog broke on and off for two hours in the middle of the day, so people were being directed over there...

    It has been a... a... a day. o_o

  14. SgL (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    I'm not sure if you're keeping up with all the comments on all the sites, but at least one or two attorneys appear to have shown up on your WP and LJ pages trying to say they have potential leads for you with expertise in IP.

    Still hoping for Passive Voice to at least respond or something . He's not IP but two or three commentors on there are and may have suggestions for you.

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