How have we done so far this year?

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  1. zephy669 (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    Insane year for me.

    Most recently I got a promotion at my job so now instead of dealing with large mansions in the City of Toronto, I now deal with large, tall buildings in downtown Toronto! It's more stress, but it's a good kind of stress. And it's more money! On top of that, I also got an award for all the public engagement I've been doing (see: crushing it at work).

    Writing-wise, Cruise Control is going the way I expected. I should promote it more than I have but I just haven't had any time with other projects happening at the same time. Even though CC is a YA urban fantasy, I primarily write romantic comedies (novels, not scripts) and usually spend all of time doing that. I'm also starting to lose my love for fantasy. I don't know if I'm out-growing it, but there hasn't been any novel I've read this year in that genre that I've really loved. I've also been writing lots of poetry and have my own mentor that has been really supportive and loves my style (but we're both Charles Bukowski fans so that makes sense).

    My comedy career has also gone far, including graduating from the Second City improv program. I'm going to have to really consider auditioning for parts in the new year.

    Finished my chest tattoo. Back tattoo in the new year.

    Took a trip to LA (my second home) and did my first cruise, which also happened to be the Writing Excuses cruise. Tons of fun and learned lots.

    For the new year, I'm looking forward to finishing my rom com and perhaps start posting Arc 2 in Cruise Control. To be honest, I'm also considering writing a collection of poems book, but who knows? Also taking a trip to Greece! And I'll be moving into my condo next year since it'll FINALLY be finished!

    LG, guys--life is good!


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