How Would You Submit My Serial?

1 year ago | AM_Thorn (Member)

So my serial ( I've stared web publishing and would like to submit it. I'm only three posts in at the moment but I know things are behind at the moment from reading the forums and I know by the time they get to it there will be quite a few more. I'm kind of stumped on the best way to submit it though and would like your advice.

The basic set up of how I'm doing this is I have a number of different "titles" that all exist in the same universe. They are all a part of Vigilantes Make Us Safe but they are distinct titles with different characters. They're set in the same world, they share a common backdrop and are mostly set around the same time. You don't need to read all of them though. People who read all of them will get the most out of them and I have written a few crossovers/direct references between them, but everything needed to understand the story is within that story. If someone wants to just read "Rebel Rebel" that's great. In time I plan for more crossovers/team ups/etc (plus a few "mini series" or limited titles bringing things from within the titles together. These might be more necessary for the individual titles or some of the individual titles but that will all be clearly marked when it happens)

So far I've released the first parts of "Hitbox," "Rebel Rebel," and "Serenity." I have an all titles page ( which lists all of them but each one has it's own page as well. ( as one example) Would submitting them as one serial and then just talking about the different titles in the description make the most sense? Or should I submit each individually?

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  1. Docmars (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    If I'm not mistaken, I think you're safe if you just submit the table of contents.


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