I would like to draw fan art for your web serial

3 weeks ago | bluepencil (Member)

Hi all,

As the title says. I would like to paint things about your web fiction for free.

Whatever you want, though please do not make the requested image too complex. However, please be very specific in the character(s) or scene you wish to see. Add links or google searched images of similar type or style, this will help greatly since at present I don't see how to send PM discussions here on webfictionguide.

Another way you can take advantage of this offer is to ask for a three-panel vertically oriented comic. If you can provide me with a description of each panel and a script, I feel you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

This is a completely free offer worth $50 available to the first three responders only.

CC rights with attribution are granted; you may use it wherever, even commercially. I reserve the right to display and share it as part of my portfolio.

All that I ask in return is a link back, a tweet, and/or a review of my own little web serial at http://webfictionguide.com/complete-novels/merstory/.

Expected turn-around time is one week, but... you know. Free stuff. :)

Thank you.


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  1. Blaise Corvin (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    I'm interested. Check out my serial: http://blaise-corvin.com/

    This is some other art I've had done for my serial: http://blaise-corvin.com/2016/10/16/delvers-llc-art/

    Visit my site, http://www.blaise-corvin.com. I have punch and pie.
    I also have two stories: Delvers LLC and The Crimson Artifice. :)
  2. nippoten (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    I'm interested to see where this would go.

    Here's my serial: https://entirelypresentingyou.wordpress.com/

    And other art I've done myself: https://entirelypresentingyou.wordpress.com/gallery/

    I'm hard-pressed to come up with a scene for you to draw (I struggle with that myself lol) Maybe try drawing something for the last few scenes of this chapter https://entirelypresentingyou.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/hero-interlude-brandon/

    Btw the main characters costume literally consists of a blue windbreaker (with a hood) and grey joggers. Her mask is nothing but a blank, expressionless face.

  3. unice5656 (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Are the illustrations on your webserial similar to the art you'd be making? I'd be interested. Email me at unice5656@yahoo.ca if you'd like to discuss details.

  4. Tartra (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Oh, wow! Sure, I'd definitely be interested if that offer's still on the table. I guess just let me know what info you want first and when. :)

    The Other Kind of Roommate — Like Fight Club meets X-Men meets The Matrix meets Superbad.
  5. bluepencil (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for taking so long to respond. :) Let me just get these first things done first as a demonstration.

    What I meant about details is:

    1) Who are the characters involved?
    1a) Their descriptions

    2) What are they doing?
    2a) Expressions, poses (if applicable)

    3) Where are they?
    3a) Description of background

    4) reference images

    optional: Really, try giving me a script for a three panel comic. You won't regret it.

    Pardon, it is my fault for not making this definite. This will improve turnaround time compared to being obliged to read through your web serial first to figure out what they look like and how they behave. I will still read through them of course, to get a feel for what fits, but that could take a while.

    If you would like to send details to preserve the surprise, please email me at bhepin@gmail.com or find me at
    https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/members/bluepencil.1294/, a site which Tananari and Wildbow know.

    Thank you.

    Also, @Tarta, wow your icon used as the favicon for your site makes it seem even more NSFW. ;)

  6. Zoner (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    If the offer still stands, well, here goes.
    Only one character has to be there in the pic. He has black hair, 5 inch long, and scruffy.Violet eyes ( yes violet eyes) and make them stand out. He's fourteen years old. Clothes can be anything, as long as they fit for a sci-fi story. But don't get too creative with the clothes, since they don't matter.
    He's staring out into space, with blue holograms in front of him. He's in a ship, but you don't have to show the ship, just him, a bit of metal at the corners(the window) with a few blue holograms in front of him( on top of a panel).
    Oh, and here's the site itself.
    Hope it isn't confusing, or too difficult. Anyway, the kid's Caucasian, almost forgot about that. Make him look good but not too good.

    That's the idea so far

  7. Blaise Corvin (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    I'm giving up my spot. I don't have time to pursue this.

    Visit my site, http://www.blaise-corvin.com. I have punch and pie.
    I also have two stories: Delvers LLC and The Crimson Artifice. :)
  8. bluepencil (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Zoner, thanks! Yes that is exactly as I needed.

    Here is a test layout for what you wanted:

    Still haven't figured out what the holograms should look like though, and to fill in the rest of the room. I wanted to somewhat emphasize the sense of isolation.

  9. Zoner (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    It's good. Replace the sad expression with a a out of the world look.The rest, I loved it.

  10. Zoner (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    And make him stand. He's not isolated, more like, he's filled with a sense of peace alone. I loved it, and it would be nice for the website, but I want to project a different vibe. You know, people judge books by their cover, no matter what quote tells them not to.

  11. Zoner (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Try watching (or) playing halo 5 to get a sense of how the holograms are. Just go to YouTube and watch the first 15 minutes of it, that should be enough.

  12. bluepencil (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Woops. Unfortunately it is too late to start over with a standing pose.


    I hope you get some use out of this though.

  13. bluepencil (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    One without the reflection:

  14. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 3 weeks ago


    Seems you've already been swarmed and you stated the offer was just for three people. If you're open to one more, I'd be interested. Have a scene in mind at the start of my serial with two characters.

    If not, no worries. I'll continue to watch and near the end ask about commission availability/prices if you're open later on for character concepts or setting concepts.

    Saw your above WIP for Zoner, good stuff.

    I have stuff on here too! The Vorrgistadt Saga.

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