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  1. DrewHayes (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I'm with Alex, as soon as I saw premium membership I pretty much wrote this off as a bust. Too many established services that offer the same options for free and are already in the marketplace. (Wattpad, Jukepop, etc). It's got a clean look and a nice design, but without any innovation the idea of monetizing the writers who are generating the content that holds up their site seems unsustainable. And with character limits per chapter/chapter limits per story, the free version is a big hindrance in terms of how much control the author has. If it were the only game it town, maybe, but with the pre-existing options I'm just not certain how this business plan is supposed to function.

    Super Powereds & Corpies
  2. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I'm with Drew, there. I have to admit I'm biased, and tend to be immediately suspicious of any new publishing platform - so far, none of them have really done anything better than the established ones.

    Anathema, a web serial about the effect superpowers would have on our world.


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