Interested in Guest writing, anyone? I want to share my toys

10 years ago | G.S. Williams (Member)

Okay so a long time ago I asked if anyone wanted to do a crossover with their characters and mine because I think it's a lot of fun to see other people's takes on characters. I really enjoyed the April Fool's writer circle -- I got to write for Allan T. Michael's excellent fantasy An Empire at War, while JZ filled in on Diggory and I popped over to Legion of Nothing for a fun back-and-forth.

It's really enjoyable. And right now Robert Rodgers is making it look like even MORE fun in his take on the Legion of Nothing as he's doing a very cool guest arc featuring interdimensional alternates, which is one of my favourite comic book tropes since X-Men and their offshoot Excalibur, let alone all the other variations on the theme.

I had hoped that people would be interested in my own superhero story, The Samaritan Project, and refuel my own desire to write it since sometimes it lags behind my other projects. But the people who were interested are also busy people too so it's kind of on the backburner.

SOOOOOO I thought it would be more interesting if I offered up my main project, The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin. There are all kinds of interesting options for stories given that time travel is a main feature of the plot -- so there are Continuity Integrity Agency characters and Federal Bureau of time Investigation characters, plus side stories featuring the current era's protagonists. What do you say people, want to write stories with my creations?

Seeing things from a new perspective is exciting, and then I could reciprocate with other people's stories -- or figure out how to do a crossover. Or write an indepth blog post or review or basically scream from a mountaintop because this would be FUN.

It's summer and I want something cool to look forward to. Who's up for it?

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  1. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    I could be up for it. I need to actually READ more diggory. Might be just the thing to rekindle me writing, I loved the april fools bit as well.

  2. G.S. Williams (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    To make it easier and not require that EVERY chapter gets read, it can be open-ended. Like, it can be a side-story featuring a different time in Diggory or Calla's life. Or a CIA mission featuring Johnson or Dahlia, or likewise the FBI or the Sons of Thunder.

    It can even be a comedy surreal alternate dimension, I'm open to ideas :) whether the story needs to be "canon" or not can be discussed. I just want to spend summer goofing around, the way my brothers and friends and I made up games as kids.


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