Is it worth it?

3 years ago | Daman (Member)

Its been a few weeks since my novel has joined TWF and been in the top position, so a few thoughts are crossing my mind right now.

My novel is different from most of the others being hosted here as it's a chinese xianxia based fiction.

Looking at my site stats, I get around 100-200 views from TWF daily, which is negligible compared to my total daily views from other sources.
So, this has me thinking... what does this community think of xianxia stories? Is it worth it for me to continue having my story here, and asking my readers to vote?

Most of the people that vote for my story are my already existing readers, and obviously readers of xianxia fiction.

My main purpose to come here was to expose this community to the chinese xianxia writing, and see what they thought about it.

any thoughts on this matter?

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  1. melonmonkey (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    The forums aren't really the place to ask this. All you'll get are replies from other serial writers, and everyone has a vested interest.

  2. ubersoft (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    That said, here's my two cents: :-)

    It sounds like what's happened is you've leveraged your existing audience to increase your visibility at WFG. That's a good first step, but if that's so, being at the top position is only a first step. If what you're doing is trying to introduce a new form of fiction/genre to an audience that isn't used to it and may come here specifically for something else, then it's going to take a while. From that perspective, drawing 100-200 readers right off seems like a solid beginning... but seducing a new audience takes time.

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  3. Billy Higgins Peery (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    Haha, yeah. I really don't know what you want from us. "GTFO" or "Please stay, senpai" seem to be the obvious ways to answer this.

    How about this: I don't care. If you want to stay on Top Web Fiction, do so. If you think it's not worth it... leave?

    You do you.

    As for xianxia in general, it's not really my thing. Or maybe I just haven't found the write xianxia serial. I'm glad they exist because I read Journey to the West years ago, and it's been really fun watching a bunch of web serialists play with those tropes. Very fun and unexpected in the way the Internet so often is.

    EDIT: Haha, oh you wanted an answer like Ubersoft's, which I didn't see until after I posted. That's fair.

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  4. Dary (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    It's not really hurting you to stay, is it? It's not like you have to pay a membership fee :p

    From my experience, with both the stuff I wrote seven years ago and the stuff I'm writing today, I don't get much interest from the WFG/TFW demographics (whatever they are). That's just the way things go. But then the demographics seven years ago were different to those today. They might be different tomorrow. Maybe your series will catch on and usher in a new era of xianxia serials, the same way Worm bolstered the popularity of the superhero genre. Maybe it won't (at least, not here), but then what do you lose by being on the list?

    Which brings me on to the other thing about TWF: that it's encouraging (or one would hope) your fans to read other stories. And maybe 200 views is about average? Do you know what the other series get from being on the list? Or are you just assuming that you should be getting more?

  5. Daman (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    @melonmonkey, other serial writers' opinion is also what Im going for. Most of the people I know are translators of the chinese xianxia, and a new perspective might help.

    The reason I asked this question is because right now, I actively try to get my readers on this site and to vote. I offered to release an extra chapter if it reaches the top rankings, and since I have already gotten that, I will be fulfilling my promise. What my concern is whether it's a good investment of my time to continue having my readers come here to vote, by posting about TWF at the end of my chapters, reminding them, etc.

    Most readers dont bother doing extra stuff unless the writer/author asks them to. I got so many votes at the start because I specifically asked them to vote for me at the main chapter post on the frontpage of my site. I have stopped doing that this week, and only given link to the voting at the next blank page after the latest chapter. some read it, others dont.

    Seeing as the votes recently refreshed, Im having doubts whether to continue asking for votes or just ignore it. Thats why i wanted to ask the opinions of the community on what they think of a xianxia story being hosted here

  6. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    As I recently told Durrendal, the fics that are common on Royalroad (reincarnation, harem stories, Xianxia etc) aren't really a 'thing' on WFG. Before your post, I didn't even know what Xianxia is! We had a magical girl story a while back (Saga of Soul) and it doesn't look like it got very much attention. We also had some VR with End Online, but again, it only got a tiny handful of ratings from WFG regulars despite high rankings on TWF for many months.

    As a side note - my superhero serial, which is quite popular on WFG, is only getting a small handful of views on RRL. I probably won't continue posting it after the end of the first 'book'. So maybe the two sites really do appeal to different kinds of readers.

    No one can tell you whether you're going to start a new trend, and if Xianxia will replace superheroes as the popular genre. It could happen, but it's also possible that it never will. It's up to you to decide whether the extra effort is worth it.

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  7. MaddiroseX (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    To sort of go along with Chrys, my serial hasn't seen much success on RRL or r/lightnovels despite (at one point) being #3 on TWF for a few months. My erotica serial didn't have much success on TWF despite it having huge support on various porn and erotica sites. I don't think it's that WFG readers haven't been exposed to Xianxia before, it's just that people who want that sort of thing check out RRL, just like I think readers on RRL are *aware* of fantasy or superhero stories but don't seek them out there.

    I don't think that anyone is doing things the "right" or "wrong" way, I just think different audiences want different things, and gravitate to different sites. In the end, the only person who can determine whether it's worth the work posting to a non-typical audience for your work is you. Will there be a return? Sure. Will that return be enough? No one can really tell you that, as it varies from person to person.

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  8. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    To add another thought - WFG lacks keywords to properly 'tag' stories like yours and make them searchable. I don't know how much of a difference search keywords make, but I do notice quite a bit of traffic from webfictionguide/superheroes, as in people who were specifically looking for that kind of thing. Likewise, RRL doesn't have a superheroes tag.

    I get much more traffic from WFG than TWF these days. Sure, the two are connected, but I don't think every reader who browses WFG is aware TWF exists. So maybe search keywords really do matter.

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  9. Dary (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    I admit I've always wondered why there isn't more integration between WFG and TWF, since the two are linked, yet there's no indication of that on the WFG. Especially since WFG has a "popular" item on the menu!

    Also, how does the whole "Featured Updates" affect clickthroughs? And what decides which series get "featured"?

  10. Daman (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    @Dary, Im not sure how much traffic others get from TWF, but I'm saying that 100-200 daily views is low compared to the traffic I get from other sites like reddit, aho-updates, etc

    I knew the audiences were different but I just wanted to give it a shot, and see how it would affect my novel. I recently got a lot of new readers from amazon who havent read xianxia before, and wanted to try TWF and see the reaction.

    I guess I'll still keep the voting link at the side, but not going to bother addressing it on my main posts. Hopefully, a few stragglers will get into the xianxia genre lol

  11. Dary (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    Those other sites might be a lot bigger than WFG, though. Unless we have solid figures on how many unique users this site, or TWF, gets, we can't say whether or not 200 hits is good or bad. It could be ten, twenty, fifty percent of TWF users, for all you know, and that's a rather good CTR!

  12. David Whitechapel (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    My two cents as a pretty new serial writer who's also looked into the xianxia community a little bit:

    I think it's really cool for different communities to help each other out and intermingle where possible, so I hope that's something that could come out of this sort of thing. When I first discovered WFG, I was really happy to see not only a well updated index of web serial fiction, but also a community of authors that is actively communicating with each other and helping each other out.

    @Daman, I think exposing the webfic community to xianxia is a fine idea, and hopefully a cool route for people to discover another genre(s) that they're into. However, I think it would similarly be an excellent idea for the xianxia community to be exposed to more webfic as well, since cross-promotion is only ever a *good thing*.

    I'm small fry, barely begun, so 200 hits sounds amazing to me. I don't really understand your reason for it not being "worth it", since I doubt it takes too much effort to tell people to go click this link. Unless you feel bad for hogging the top spot in lieu of other webfic authors? I could understand in that case.

    Anyway, while you may retreat a little from TWF, I hope you stick around on WFG cause, personally, I like that there are all sorts of authors on here, not restricted to one genre or community. And we're all just people writing stuff in the end, so we should all get along :)

  13. melonmonkey (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    How old are you, Daman? I ask because everything you post seems to be remarkably juvenile. You're asking people if you think it's worth your time to put effort into topping the charts on TWF? How could anyone here possibly answer that question?

    We don't know your stats. We don't know how much work you're putting into getting those votes. We don't know how much time that takes. We don't know what reader complaints you get because of it. We don't know how you could be spending that time, wordcount, and other resources on other sites to get views in potentially greater numbers than you'll get here.

    We literally know nothing about you or your novel. So either you made this post in ignorance, or it's a thinly veiled brag. I'm going to take it as the former, since you don't seem the type for the latter, but it calls your character into question.

    Keep in mind that the first thing I read from you wasn't your serial, it was your forum post calling out members of this forum for their actions on another forum. While I have no idea if you're actually being harassed on other forums, I do know that the reasonable response it to take it up over there.

    I want to note that none of what you've done is inherently offensive or against the rules in any way. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm trying to indicate is that you're rubbing me and nameless others the wrong way when you do things like this. You want to go? Fine. You want to wave your fanbase dick around at the top of TWF for the rest of existence? Also fine. Just know that you're not earning friends with things like this.

  14. Daman (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    @melonmonkey, you question my age and then you start dissing me with insults lol. Read my above posts carefully, I was asking about the opinions of this community on xianxia stories and their take on it, and whether I should continue investing my time to promote it on this site.

    In no way did I say that I will be leaving the site, I said whether it was worth investing my time to continue getting my readers to vote here. Read the shit carefully before you go around insulting others.

    I merely asked for the what people thought about xianxia stories on the site and thats it. Im not "dicking around my fanbase here", the only reason I asked them to vote was for other people to see my novel. I thought that was the purpose of this whole site?

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