Last Call for WeSeWriMo

7 years ago | epiguide (Member)

Hello again, everyone. Just a quick final note to remind you that August 1st is the last day to sign up for the 7th annual Web Serial Writing Month, aka WeSeWriMo.

WeSeWriMo, as I hope you all know by now, is the only month-long writing marathon devoted to serialized fiction on the web. Writers have the opportunity to challenge themselves to write and reach an ambitious goal of their own choosing. We've devised WeSeWriMo to be just as flexible and individual as the world of webfiction.

You can pick a goal of... well, whatever you want! Two installments a week? 40K words and a set of new character biographies or other extras? It's totally up to you. Even if you're super-busy during August but still want to take part, you can create a goal that's workable. Heck, we'll accept challenges of ten words a day, if you think even that's a stretch! (And believe me, I can relate to that.)

So if you currently write (or are interested in creating) anything from serialized novels to webserials to Twitter fic to anything else created regularly for the entertainment of the online and mobile audience, this is the marathon just for you.

You can visit for complete details. Joining is easy! Just register at the EpiGuide, then add your series/site/project and goal to the official WeSeWriMo 2013 registration thread by the end of August 1, 2013.

We'll add you to the official list and you'll get some free goodies, such as a blog, a banner, access to the WeSeWriMo '13 forum where you can meet the other participants, and other extras.

Hope to see some of you guys joining in!

Note: If at all possible, please spread the word about WeSeWriMo! If you're on Twitter, chat it up often and use the hashtag #WeSeWriMo (along with other useful tags such as #weblit, #webfiction, #webseries, #amwriting and #writegoal). Please post about our project on your blogs or Facebook, or any community that seems appropriate. (But don't spam!) You can link to or (that's the EpiGuide's official sign-up thread).

If you have any questions about the project or what your goal should be, please ask away! And best of luck to those of you who've already signed up for the challenge.


-- Kira

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