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5 years ago | mathtans (Member)

Thanks so much for reviewing "Time & Tied" last weekend. Yesterday, I was stunned to realize someone was binge reading the whole thing. For 50 straight weeks, my serial site has never exceeded 58 views in a day - until that moment. Tracking back, I now realize that's all on you, making it more visible. I may have come close to tears. Thank you.

Amusing extra tidbits:
-"Time and Tied" was actually written before "Taylor's Polynomials". So it's tough to say what I learned. The chief differences being "Polynomials" (2011) was written very much week-to-week whereas "TT" (2000) has been edited to hell and back for about a decade, as I tried to hammer my first major story into something fit for online perusal. No idea if this speaks more of my ability to edit (given the "readable" remark, maybe not), or less of my ability to write on a weekly basis. Point taken about the third person problems... trying to do a better job with that lately.
-The pictures were less to provide visual context, and more a desperate attempt to be spotted on social media, given it takes longer to scroll past an image. I guess I should have given it up when I realized that wasn't working. This being the third or fourth time someone's said something, I won't make the effort going forwards. (I wonder if my non-illustrated images in "Epsilon" are as disruptive.)

Anyway, yeah, thanks... also, time looping review. Nice one.

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  1. MaddiroseX (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Aw, I'm quite glad to hear that! Wow, I can't believe I was so far off about which came first...I wonder why I got the impression that Polynomials predated Time and Tied...I suppose it's also entirely possible that a good chunk of enjoyment comes down to personal preference.

    As far as the pictures, have you considered continuing to do them, but perhaps have them on their own section of the site, or on a linked deviantArt or tumblr page? That's what I do with art I've drawn of my own serial, and I know several other serialists who place their art and fanart on a separate page. That way you could keep the benefit of being spotted more often on social media, but readers aren't jarred out of the text with mixed media on the same page.

    Anyway, glad the review brought you joy!

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  2. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    To be fair, Polynomials was written AND simultaneously published from 2011-2014. Time and Tied was written in 2000 but not web published until 2015. (After revisions in 2001, 2009, 2013 and 2015.) Part of me wonders if some of the difficulty in style is my constant attempts to adapt, rather than rip out and restart -- but if I want to restart, it would be with the characters as they ended up, not as they were back then. Hence the decision to put it out there, to the best of my ability. The restart will come with Episode 90.

    I actually hadn't considered that. (I really need to get back to tumblr more than once every couple weeks... it's blocked at work though...) Good point. Thank you! There's also the idea of a generic banner which can be used with each update, which I've seen out there, and might attempt.

    So, yes, much joy! I don't know what prompted considering my entry, but thanks again. In particular, it's good to know where my weaknesses and/or strengths still are, when over 47 episodes gave less than a dozen comments, usually from the same people. An additional voice in that is huge. In fact, if you have any additional specifics that wouldn't have made sense in a review, feel free to send along; I'm mathtans at gmail and pretty much everywhere on the web.

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