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5 years ago | ewolf20 (Member)

if you seen another post like that, my bad. i accidentally pressed enter.

anywho, i need some suggestions on to how to set it up for my web serial All-American giant. what i need is tutorials on doing chapter or episode selection, tabs, and maybe css (although i took tutorials on that).

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  1. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    I was waiting a day to see if anyone else would speak up, possibly in a more positive vein. But alright, I use blogspot for my math serial, so I'll run through how I tried to pound it into shape.

    Basically, every post I made was an entry. The only built-in way (I know of) to navigate back and forth in those entries/chapters, is the little "Newer Post"/"Older Post" they have, which (for my template anyway) was underneath the comments. Almost invisible. So I created my own HTML table that I now stick into the body of the message with 'PREVIOUS' and 'NEXT' in it, activating those links myself as the story progresses. (It's easy enough to spot the Text/HTML toggle on message posts, allowing you to drop in [code].) I also generate my own Index page.

    Related, blogspot *sucks* for pageview tracking. It seems to show a 'view' for every grain of electronic dust that blows by. So if you want an accurate count, hook the site in with Google Analytics; they'll give you some HTML code that you can easily drop in. I put said code in at the same time as that tracking table, above. (It's the ONLY thing that's easier with Blogger vs Wordpress, but then Wordpress seems pretty accurate with it's tracking.) Blogspot also sucks for comments. People can type in an entire comment, hit 'publish', and because they're not logged into their email account on that webpage, blogger eats the comment. The person would have to retype it. Often they don't bother.

    If you want to display a bunch of related posts at once, you can set keywords into the individual posts, and use said keyword as a search term. I'm not really sure what you mean by "tabs"... if you mean in the story/post itself, I suspect you don't really want that anyway. Most places you'd eventually submit a work to would want the story in separate paragraphs, each separated by a blank line. Much like what I'm doing in this tab-free post. If you want it for just a few lines of a post (like for a song someone is singing), maybe cut and paste? I don't know cascading style sheets.

    Truthfully, the only reason I'm still using blogspot is because I started with it in 2012 when I was young and naive, and now I have inertia. I'm not sure if anyone else can provide a better experience or advice.

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  2. Billy Higgins Peery (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    I only have one piece of advice for people using blogspot: using Wordpress is so, so, so much easier.

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  3. ewolf20 (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    but wordpress isn't full on free

  4. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    WordPress can be free, you only need to pay for certain templates, or if you want other advanced bells and whistles. (I use free Wordpress for my temporal fiction serial.)

    Writing a Time Travel serial:
    Writer of the personification of math serial:
  5. Billy Higgins Peery (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Yeah, I use paid Wordpress for my SEO business, and it's nice for that. But for my web serials? I definitely use free. In fact, it's very common to use free Wordpress for serials.

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  6. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    $0.02 from someone who went from using WordPress (and constantly being frustrated with it) to Blogger/Blogspot and absolutely loving it...

    If you're just getting started, want to pump out the writing, and you're not too finicky about how your your serial looks then WordPress is where it's at., I mean. It's quick, it's easy. You select a really bad template, do some MySpace level customization within -SEVERE- limits, and you're set. Monkey writing Shakespeare.

    If you actually care what your site looks like, know a little bit of HTML/CSS and don't want to spend $300 a year just to be able to add basic CSS functionality to a web serial... Blogger is where it's at. Yes, Google's systems with it are a little strange to get used to. The perks are that you have almost absolute control over how your site looks as long as you're a little savvy with coding and graphic design. You can build your own templates on how things work. You have full access to syncing your fiction up with things like Patreon, Paypal donations, G+ communities, Twitter and all the rest. (FYI, if you have a account, expect to shell out money just to be able to link to your Patreon or PayPal for donations or support. WordPress will -actively- try to shut your stuff down and screw up your code even if you find a work-around.)

    If you're "Super-Pro," "Published-Pro" or "Rich-as-F**K", you've already got a webhost provider and you can use You have full functionality and can do as you please. Must be nice to actually get money for your writing or be the elite 1% lizard-people ;P

    When I first started, I absolutely loved I didn't want to sacrifice the $bling$ on web-hosting for a serial I didn't know if I would commit to or not. I didn't want to have to pay for something I probably would never see a single red cent for anyway. was awesome for that.

    Then it wasn't.

    You see, WordPress is really hard-up about limiting user's functionality and forcing them with cattle-prods hooked up to car batteries with the limiters off to pay them ridiculous amounts of money just to be able to use anything other than middle-school level usage of HTML. I saw this over the last two years as functionality with WP dropped. CSS is verboten! Patreon, verboten! Changing the god-awful colors on your template that WP keeps changing around on you every few months, nein!!

    ...And don't even get me started on the bi-polar updates every quarter that totally screw with templates, your font choices, or even the basic layout of your page. I'm sure there's some troll sitting in their server room watching your web serial with glee, ready to attack you with his ultra-sadism +1.

    That is when I moved over to Blogger. You know that part in Plato's 'the Cave' where the guy gets out of the cave and sees the real world rather than the shadow-play world? Yeah, it was like that.

    I'll go back to WordPress(.org) if I can continue my sacrifices to the Dark Lords and earn my elite status as one of the Setitians. Until then, I'm very fond of my Blogger account. I need to work on my hissing.

    As far as going back to the OP's question...

    Log in to Blogger.

    Go to your Blogger page.

    Select a decent Template under your Template section on the left scroll bar.

    You'll see little mobile and web versions of your site.

    Go to the little orange icon that says "Customize."

    This gives you a bit more of the 'expert' level customization values. But if you're savvy and want custom CSS or HTML, go to where it says "Advanced" on the left. Now scroll down the little scroll bar that pops up until you get to where it says "Add CSS" at the bottom. Click that.

    Now you can 'top-load' as much CSS into your site as you want. Just make sure to make all the CSS 'conditional.' Meaning to put proper tags on it so you can trigger them in the base HTML on your pages. That's if you want specialized things for special pages or anything like that. Remember that everything you want in the 'header' of your site needs to go here.

    To get custom HTML on individual pages/posts, just go to where you make your Pages/Posts under those on the main part of your blog. Then select "HTML" rather than "Compose."

    Now for getting tabs on your page, you should already have some basic ones with a basic template you set up. Those will appear between your header image and the main content of your site (usually). You can either visit your page as it is, once logged in and click that little set of wrenches beside the tab bar, or...

    On your main Blogger edit page, go to where it says "Layout" now scroll down over the gadget-forms of your page to where you see the gadget "Navigation" which is usually tucked in the area called "Cross Column" on a default template. Click the little blue word that says "edit." A new dialog screen will pop up called "Configure Page List." This is where you add pages as tabs on that navigation bar.

    You'll have to create the pages or edit the basic template pages to add them to that nav bar.

    To make new pages, go back to the main Blogger edit page and select "Page" make sure to name it correctly and code it correctly then you can add it to the tab navigation menu.

    Or, if you're great with CSS, manually program your own. Be prepared to lose hours, days and most likely months of your life. It's fun like that. ^_^

    Hopefully some measure of help comes from this. Otherwise, look up videos you YouTube, there's a lot of good ones that go step-by-step through it all.

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  7. ewolf20 (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    i have one question to ask, how did you do that episode thingy in the navigation @SovereignofAshes?

  8. ewolf20 (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago


  9. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Sorry, a bit confused. Do you mean on my site, as an example?

    That 'episode' thing on the navigation menu (left-hand side of site), is a text gadget I added under layout.

    Under your Blogger edit page, go to "Layout", it would be on one of the sides of the template, with the template that I have it would be located at "sidebar-left-1" from there I added a gadget called "Text" then a dialog opens and you add in what is there. In this case I clicked "edit HTML" and added in HTML to it.

    The HTML for that particular kind of drop-down menu utilizes CSS to run. So you'd have to gather up all the CSS code you'd need to make it work and post it to the "Add CSS" part of the site as I mentioned above. Then just put in normal HTML under the navigation gadget to trigger the CSS. In this case it used tables with an anchor that would tag back to the CSS in the header of the core site.

    I think you can look for basic drop-down menus on places like Stack Overflow for what kind of aesthetic style you want or coding you're comfortable with. I don't want to spam a lot of code on here. Basically though it's just some basic CSS triggered by an anchor into a table structure.

    My apologies for the wait in reply (hence the bump), I'm a nocturnal creature.

    *** I was just looking and there's another kind of way of doing the same thing, a good example is on George Frost's, The Zombie Knight serial. (

    His is a lot more fancy than mine. I think it uses custom CSS in a RubyonRails sort of thing. It's a lot more fancy and allows for mobile links for certain readers. You can check that code out if you're interested in a more fancy way of doing things.

    Mine is very 'Spartan.'

    I have stuff on here too! The Vorrgistadt Saga.
  10. ewolf20 (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    how do you change the font of the tabs? like the one's for the drop down meun or something?

  11. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    This website here has the code to cover it with a "span" for basic HTML.

    * Just copy and past the span for the font you want right before the text you want for the menu.
    * I don't think you can change the fonts for the tabs unless you're using your own code for them. But you can change the general fonts for your entire site if you go to the "advanced" area on your blogger edit page.

    This website has a list of common 'web-safe' fonts that you can use. These are the ones everyone can usually access easily.

    This site has slightly more varied 'web-safe' fonts, but not all users might be able to use it properly based off the program they use to access the internet.

    I have stuff on here too! The Vorrgistadt Saga.
  12. MaddiroseX (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Necromancing this thread to say major props to Sovereign of Ashes for the wealth of knowledge and info. Since most of us use Wordpress it's nice to have a thread to point people to when they need some Blogger tips, good stuff.

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  13. ChrysKelly (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    SovereignOfAshes wrote: "If you're "Super-Pro," "Published-Pro" or "Rich-as-F**K", you've already got a webhost provider and you can use You have full functionality and can do as you please. Must be nice to actually get money for your writing or be the elite 1% lizard-people ;P"

    I use a self-hosted Wordpress. I make no money from my writing and I'm not currently employed.
    My self-hosted Wordpress costs £2.99 per month. There is a once-a-year £9.99 fee to renew my domain name.

    Self-hosting on Wordpress doesn't break the bank, even when you have practically nothing in the bank to start with.

  14. ewolf20 (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    considering that I'll get a job sooner or later, i could afford hosting a website on wordpress. hell, i could use that to host my webcomics too.

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