New Gryphonwood Anthology Out Now!

12 years ago | Ryan A. Span (Member)

Hi guys, here to shout about the new all-genre anthology from G'wood, "You Don't Know What You've Got: Tales of Loss & Dispossession". It's just been released with stories by local boys Pete "Peedee" Tzinski and myself, and a whole bunch of other cool people.

It's available on already, and will be filtering out to various other storefronts over the next few days. You can find the Amazon entry here:

I hope you'll all consider getting a copy, and maybe even submit your own stories in a couple of months for our next antho!


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  1. Pete Tzinski (Member)

    Posted 12 years ago

    Pete "Peedee" Tzinski makes me sound like the most unimaginative gangster in the world. Michael "Mike" Hoolihan. *shakes head*


    Go buy the anthology. It looks cool. It has a lovely cover. Support small press, or, or, the terrorists win, that's what!

    (as I just pointed out to someone else...Anthologies are good bets, because there's a bunch of authors in 'em, but if only ONE of those authors become extremely famous, then the book's worth some money someday. See? Very smart.)


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