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6 years ago | Tintenteufel (Member)


I am toying with the idea of putting up a patreon sometime this year and a donate - or rather a "Buy me a coffee" - button. My series is going well from a writing perspective (not one missed or even late update in near 6 months!) so I'd say getting it out there and seeing what comes is the next step.
I would like to discuss a few things with you guys however because of one simple fact: You have patreons and experience with them, I don't. :)

I haven't found a similar thread as most of the ones mentioning patreon are about marketing in general or one specific patreon, not patreon in general. But I think patreon is the difference between an audience and a fanbase or a community. It can be used to involve your audience with the work, to make them invest in more than just the art - let them invest themselves into the project of making the art.
That is not to sound greedy but I think we haven't fully explored the possibilities of setting ourselves up for patreon.

What I would like to discuss is a different question:
How could patreon affect the design of a WebSerial? How could patreons specific model of funding art be incorporated into our specific art?

Obviously some of you already try to make the strucutre of your WebSerial fit patreons system of all around goals - like Bonus Chapters for X amount of cash per month, better WebDesign or -Art for Y amount and so on. I know ClearMadness is doing that and it appears to go rather well.
There's also the tiered system of patreons themselves - getting stuff for this or that amount of monthly support.
Again I'd say ClearMadness is getting really creative with those. I disagree with the exclusive content, but that is simply a matter of taste. The idea to make your patreons vote on the content of bonus chapters though is simply genius.

So what do you think are viable options to let patreon(s) take a part in shaping the Serial?

Blut und Rost - German Webserial about the horror that is human interaction

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  1. ClearMadness (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    One thing I've found about how Patreon is shaping my writing is that I'm ending a lot more chapters in cliffhangers. The better and more exciting the cliffhanger the more patrons I get, because I offer the latest chapters as a reward. Every time I end in a cliffhanger I get a noticeable jump in pledges.

    I think this is actually helping my writing, because it's forcing me to be as exciting as possible and really try and draw the reader into the story.

    As for allowing patrons to vote, most don't seem to care. I've got next to no requests for chapter topics. They just want to read as much of my story as possible.

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  2. Tintenteufel (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    That is really interesting.

    I never would have guessed that they don't vote much. May I ask how exactly you are going about it? I mean, do you suggest topics for bonus chapters and they simply vote on it or domthe readers have to do that? Do you think the content of the bonus chapters might have something to with the low voting turn out?
    I mean, I haven't read them (sorry) but from what I can gather they mid length short stories, two of them not connected to the main story and one focusing on the aftermath of the prelude, no? Do you think the number of voters might change if you focused on just world building or backstory for characters not essential to the story or cities and places only mentioned in passing? Like 'vote what part of the world you want explored next'.

    Blut und Rost - German Webserial about the horror that is human interaction


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