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4 years ago | revfitz (Member)

Hello! I will be starting my "31 Days of First Impressions Challenge" on Monday (the 1st). Below I have the posting schedule for anybody who volunteered. Each post will be up on my home page at
Dates with asterisks have not been filled out yet, if you are interested in volunteering you can sign up at: If they do not get filled I will likely hit the random button here to find something, but I will reserve links on the post asking readers to vote for the serial on Top Web Fiction only for those who volunteered.

I also just wanted to thank everybody who volunteered for this experiment that will likely burn me out almost immediately. You all have been so kind so far and I appreciate your willingness to be a part of this!

5.1 Tananari-Blue Steel
5.2 Uncie5656-Fantasia
5.3 Scott Scherr-Don't Feed the Dark
5.4 Zoner-The Zone
5.5 Screaming Candle-The Strange
5.6 Dary-Orphic Phantasia
5.7 nippoten-Entirely Presenting You
5.8 Joe Zoetewey-Legion of Nothing
5.9 Shaoer-Dirge
5.10 snowmeltss-Break Down
5.11 LEErickson-Crowmakers
5.12 justinwenger4-Eidolon Bound
5.13 thelonewanderer-The Open Road
5.14 mathtans-Taylor’s Polynomials
5.15 safra-Death's Door
5.16 SovereignofAshes-The Vorrgistadt Saga.
5.17 ChrysKelly-Sanctioned
5.18 ChrysKelly-Paladins of the Archipelagos
5.19 uncie5656-Eterna's Source
5.20 *
5.21 *
5.22 *
5.23 *
5.24 *
5.25 *
5.26 *
5.27 *
5.28 *
5.29 *
5.30 *
5.31 *

Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
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  1. unice5656 (Moderator)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Cool! Looking forward to it.

    Just a small detail: it's "unice", not "uncie". Variant of Eunice, originating from the Greek Eunike, for "good victory". #Etymology

  2. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I am very sorry about that, I am honestly not sure how I was able to do that twice!

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
    Updates Wednesdays at:
  3. TanaNari (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Through the overwhelming power of lysdexia!!!

    Also- when it comes to linking back to your thing like you mentioned, how do you want us to do that?

    Author of Price.
  4. nippoten (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Good luck! Looks like that's more than enough reading as it is.

  5. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Also, Jim Zoetewey instead of Joe Zoetewey (I think I've got a great uncle named Joe, though)...

  6. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Looks like that overwhelming power striked when writing Jim's name too :( Any kind of shout out on your blog section or in your writer's notes will be fine. It does not have to be lengthy, just something that mentions that you volunteered and a link to the article (which can be found on my home page on the date that you are listed).

    Thank you! I think I will need it ;)

    @Jim Zoetewey
    Sorry Jim, what's sad is that I should know that after corresponding with you in the past. Looks like I am doing a good job alienating everyone before I begin.

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
    Updates Wednesdays at:
  7. Dary (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Look on the bright side: at least you didn't call me Gary.

  8. justinwenger4 (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Thanks Revfitz

    Sorry for yet another spelling thing but EidolonBound is actually one word, haha.

    Also if technicalities are gonna be a part of the write up, the posting schedule in the description is the official one(unless I've removed it) It's just that laptop issues have basically put my updates in slow mo

    Thanks again

  9. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Revfitz: It's no big deal. People generally get my name wrong. Generally speaking, though, it's my last name that's misspelled (from Kindergarten through high school, all on official documents). Having my first name wrong is nice for variety.

  10. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Yay! I got one right :D

    Noted, sorry about that, I will make sure it is right when I post. No worries, I am checking out the first chapter and splash page (if provided).

    @Jim Zoetewey
    I think I was so focused on getting your last name right I messed up your first one.

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
    Updates Wednesdays at:
  11. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Jim, you know, i keep stopping myself from asking, but, how DO you pronounce your last name? I keep wanting to make it sound Athabaskan, in my head its Zoe Eat Tah Way.

  12. Tartra (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    @Hollins - I've been saying 'ZOH-tah-way' in my head for so long that I only just realized I have no idea how to actually say Jim's last name. Actually, I think that goes for most of you: the way I say any of your names is probably really off.

    The Other Kind of Roommate — Like Fight Club meets X-Men meets The Matrix meets Superbad.
  13. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I pronounce it Zoo-tah-way. Be glad it's been anglicized and isn't accurate to the original Dutch (Zoeteweij) which would be even more intimidating.

  14. TanaNari (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I thought it was "Zote"- rhymes with 'Mote', "Way". As a general rule, 'vowel-t-e' changes the pronunciation of the first vowel and then goes silent. 'Silent' being one of the exception words.

    If you'd used the Dutch version of the name, I'd have gotten it right. Because that isn't from a mongrel bastard tongue with six different ways to pronounce each letter based on the letters next to it.

    Author of Price.

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