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Hello. I would like to introduce you

We just started, but we already can offer some features, that you as an author would be interested in.

What is Readitt?
Readitt - online library and publishing platform

For authors we offer some interesting features and a way of direct monetization of uploaded stories/books.
For example:

  • Subscriptions - if you still writing your story you can put subscription on your draft.
  • Early access - put timer on new chapter. Those readers who can't wait will buy subscription and the rest will need to wait when timer will go off and set chapter for free;
  • Duration - Reader can subscribe once and get unlimited access to new chapters  or subscribe just for a month and get access to new chapters just for a month;
  • Pay per chapter - put price on each chapter;
    • Set chapter free or change standard price - each chapter can be set free or price can be changed (for example different chapter size)
    • Early Access -put timer on new chapter. Those readers who can't wait will buy access and the rest will need to wait when timer will go off and set chapter for free;<li/>
  • Donations/ Sponsored chapters - make some extra chapters per week for extra $.
  • All books will have "Thank author" button - which offer send some $ to author as thanks for his/her work.
  • Communicate with readers in your personal blog, books blog, chat or in comments
  • Get notifications to any device
  • Watch what friends read, start your own blog or follow people you like to read
  • Publish any format
  • All ownership rights remain with you
  • If you will have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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    1. LadyAnder (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      A wild promoter has appeared.

      What will YOU do?

      >FIGHT | BOOK

      WRITER | RUN

      sorry not sorry XD

      A cross-genre slice=of-life, some adventure fluff fantasy stories about elves-->
    2. Readitt (Blocked)

      Posted 1 year ago

      Im not so wild. Let's say I said hello.

      What will YOU do?

      Kill elfs save the forest

    3. DrewHayes (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      Oh yay, another person trying to get the "subscription serial" model off the ground.

      @Readitt: We've all seen this pitch before, and most of these enterprises flame out within a few months. This post alone already breaks etiquette, so we know you haven't spent much time learning about the community. If you *really* think your site is different, then I'd advise you to dig through the archives, find all the issues and flaws pointed out in those threads and come back with a thoughtful, detailed business plan/explanation of what makes yours somehow different. Or, the more practical option: cut bait and move on, because as I've said most of us have heard this song many times already.

      Super Powereds & Corpies
    4. LadyAnder (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      @DrewHayes, they've a binding arbitration clause and that was enough to keep me from staying clear from the place aside from the model. It sounds great when you look at the numbers. Writers set the prices and get 80% if you want to do the who want to do the paid access but who's going to go on there to pay for stories when the place just launched live just a couple days ago and last I check, a single story. Why do these placed try to sell you on monetization when they aren't stable enough to offer monetization?

      A cross-genre slice=of-life, some adventure fluff fantasy stories about elves-->
    5. Readitt (Blocked)

      Posted 1 year ago

      @DrawHayes yeah, I've done research and it works. Well not the monthly subscription, but subscription to the draft (means reader gonna buy book while it's still writing and when it will be finished access gonna remain.

      And don't need to worry we will have readers. We gonna lunch ads, social promotions, contests with monetary prizes. We just started

    6. smatthews65 (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      @Readitt - don’t consider this a personal slight...for all I know, English isn’t your first language. That being said, you’ll probably have a lot more success petitioning authors to join your cause if you gained a little more mastery of the language. I’m new to writing, so I can’t personally relate to the posts above...but reading your initial post, along with subsequent replies, reminds me of a wealthy Nigerian prince desperately seeking his long-lost benefactor. I wish you the best of luck.

      Mists of Kel Doran Online Novel
    7. Readitt (Blocked)

      Posted 1 year ago

      @smatthews65 you guessed right, English not my first language, but I'm very far from Nigerian prince as well. Maybe I should go back to being developer than doing PR job :0 Anyway thanks for advice and hope to see you on board one day with your novel.

    8. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      Yes. Never let the developer be the design person or the PR person. EVER. Your language choice, specific phrasing, and slang read very unprofessionally, especially to writers.

      As for the "draft" there are already three platforms that have a, vote with your money while the story is being written in order to help it get finished and become a book, type of mechanics. The only one that ever worked was the one that partnered with some existing publishers to run tightly bound niche genre contests using that mechanic. (I forget which one that was, i was writing on it for a while for the Romance contest they did)

      "You can't let your engineers talk to real humans! Don't you get it!? I'M A PEOPLE PERSON!"

    9. Billy Higgins Peery (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      I believe this is called "nunkstopping"

      More seriously, hope this helps:

      "Any number of hitlers, are still not my problem." -Tempest
    10. ForestRage (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      Hmm...I am a new web novelist scribbling along with my story. I have my own self hosting website that allows me to do pretty much what I please. I usually have my first few chapters reviewed and hosted on sites like Royal Road,Spacebattle and Wattpad to help attract readers of the same genre. I am currently editing the first arc of my story for an ebook and using Patreon to handle Readers willing to support my progress.

      I have all the freedom at the moment, but as a new Writer the hardest thing is gaining new Readers. Like most Authors I have chatted with, that will always take time. Once I am consistent they will come.

      What incentive can you provide for a new Writer like me? Can you prove that you will at least double my readers?
      I have just read 'nunkstopping' link @BillyHigginsPerry which was informative.

      If you can explain how you can help increase Writers exposure on your website without any contract obligation then I am sure new Writers on the web may be interested. Speaking for myself, I really don't want to sign any agreement or clause with anyone until I am ready to publish.

      Your idea and plan is something good. I honestly wish you the best if it is not another burn site.

      Scribe of The Red Lands web novel
    11. Readitt (Blocked)

      Posted 1 year ago


      I think I should have been more precise when writing my post. I will try to give a more detailed answer.

      We are trying to make platform for new authors, we don't want to be another wattpad. We are trying to build product where new authors works wouldn't get lost in thousands of other works. Let's look on the main page for example, all the blocks (sliders) made so works would constantly rotate and change: someone added a new work? It will be on the main page in "New Stories", someone added book to their library? It will show on the main page in "Reading now", "Popular today" is made so only works that got most views today will be shown there. We will add "Editor's Choice" and "Random" blocks. What I'm trying to say is that we trying to make it so new authors or new works would get easier noticed. Works list page - in our plan to make as much filters for this page as possible, so readers can find works that they are interested in. We gonna add block on the books page that will show similar books in that genre.

      We will have Contests section soon. Contests in different genres with monetary prizes. It can work as one of the ways to get noticed.

      We won't have ads on the platform. Our business model made around authors. Author success will be our success. It will be in our interest for authors to get noticed and build reader.

      Ads and social promotions - when we will have some works to show to readers we will start advertising and promoting our platform. Some books will get a chance to get promoted in our ads campaign.

      without them having to drag across their existing followers they already have

      Imagine that 10 authors joining our platform and moving their works and their existing followers to us... All this followers will get chance to read not only one author works, but all of them. How much their reader base gonna grow?

      I want to clear one more thing.

      If you can explain how you can help increase Writers exposure on your website without any contract obligation then I am sure new Writers on the web may be interested. Speaking for myself, I really don't want to sign any agreement or clause with anyone until I am ready to publish.

      No author is obligated to us, or have to sign a contract/clause with us. All ownership rights will remain with you. We already working on the changes in ToS to make it more clearer. We will be able to use your work only in our promotions or advertisements, this will be clearly stated in terms of service.

      By publishing on our platform we don't restrict you in any way. You are free to host/publish your work on any other platform. Only later we will have option for exclusive content, where author will get 90% on payout if they will write just for our platform, but even here you wont need to sign any contracts (just simple check that your work is not published anywhere else)

      Hopefully I answered your question and didn't lost the idea somewhere in the middle, but if you still have any questions feel free to ask.

    12. Chrysalis (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      @Readitt I think the main flaw with your business model is that you have no readers initially, you expect readers to follow their authors to Readitt and pay for content there. This will not work. Readers don't follow authors from a free platform (wherever the author is posting their stories now) to a new one where they will have to pay. Even if the stories on Readitt were 100% free to read with ads, most readers would have no interest in migrating from one web fiction platform to another. Why should they? If they've been reading on RoyalRoadL, or Wordpress, or wherever the author has been posting updates for years, they'll keep reading there and not in some new place.

      This could MAYBE work with exclusivity contracts (then readers would have to follow their author in order to read their stories), but for exclusivity to be attractive you need a large, already existing reader base. Right now you have no readers and, for that reason, nothing to offer to authors.

      The thing is, most of us here have built our followings with free content. If we suddenly forced our readers to pay, we would lose them. A few would probably pay, sure, but I guesstimate we'd lose about 90-99% of our followings.

      Anathema, a web serial about the effect superpowers would have on our world.
    13. Readitt (Blocked)

      Posted 1 year ago

      @Chrysalis, I think you misunderstood something. There supposed to be a quete, where I said about authors bringing they followers. I said it would be great, but we don't hope for it. Advertisement and promotions will do the thing.

      Second. Paid access is OPTIONAL, it's just a part of features that we offer. It's up to the author to use it or now.

      Third. Author is free to host their work elsewhere, be it wattpad, personal blog or any other platform. Host your work at our place and we gonna think where to get readers. It's our headache.

      Also about readers. If we gonna offer them more comfortable place to read their favourite books you think they will refuse to stay? As a reader my self I prefer to stay at place where I can find all my books. Without need to go around 100 of blogs to check for updates.

    14. LadyAnder (Member)

      Posted 1 year ago

      @Readitt, you have to think about the writers too. A lot of established writers aren't going to go to your site. It's new and unproven. Not to mention it's you have to sink in a lot of time to get established on another writing platform. While it's easier with a small platform, there still a lot of time dedicated to one. It's more than just posting a story there and everything works out perfectly.

      I mean, I've been in and out of a lot of communities mostly to just observe to make sure it's worth my time joining them. And often times it isn't. There are a few things I consider:

      Community attitude
      Effort put into site maintenance
      Terms of Service
      Effort needed for it to work out

      Size is a factor I consider is something on the terms of, is my work going to buried when I post or is it never going to be seen because no one knows about a community because it's so small no ones heard of it. Wattpad and DeviantArt are two places I no longer post because of just the sheer size. The effort for it to work out in the end is takes too much of my time.

      Activeness, this is actual a big one for me. One of the reasons why I didn't join WriteOn was because after my keeping an eye on the place, the activity in the writing platform dropped after the initial launch. It was just one more place to join with a neat model to attract writers. However, Kindle stopped investing time into keeping it going and the place eventually shut down like Authotomy(sp) because again, HarperColins I think who run that one, used it as a way to find novels to published and it didn't work out, the lost interest in supporting it and then it shut down. Figment, another publisher run community recently shut it's doors a month or two ago. Another one by the name of Jukepop, who was run off of serial fiction ended up remodeling to some sort of paid model where writers can make money to stay alive and then shut down. And these are just the ones I know of and I'm not sure about the small platforms I've seen advertise through here and Reddit are doing. There was one I was interested in, but for all I know it dropped off the faced of the Earth. There was no name added for the places you can go to so I assumed it failed.

      It's still, Wattpad, FictionPress, and RoyalRoad in terms of platform. Yes there are others but they are so small, disorganized, and they only appeal to those who managed to stick around.

      Personally, I don't like having to mirror on so many sites. At one point, I was once mirroring on DA, Tumblr, Wattpad and then switched to RoyalRoad. I ended up closing my DA account because there wasn't much incentive to post anymore. The battle with the fan-fics and the visual artworks became too much. On top of that, all development of the site to improving things came to a halt. I was personally look forward to truly having a clean and customizable profile page with would serve as my hub for all things I did. However, they scrapped in in mid-development. Most development was put towards improving the sites ability to get investors as well as wasting money on a re-branding and other pointless things such as MS Outlook support. Tumblr was too into visual, the archive system there is crap, the community there was toxic in a special way, and honestly, nothing come of it. Why waste my time. I can see where my traffic comes from. I got more out of Twitter than Tumblr.

      So now I only post on my wordpress blog and mirror on RoyalRoad which I'm reconsidering because of how many times of week you need to post to keep the attention of readers there. I don't write long sprawling lit-RPG serials and I can't justify posting two or more days a week not to mention I'm slow. I've have to write out my story before I post it for better quality. And I would like a place where I can take an easy with posting that supports my slowness but that is something that depends on the community. What the writers other than yourself do. That where all the nuances in the community come in to place. What most writers end up writing the most, determines what genre get popular and readers flock to those genres. I mean each writing platform ends up having a genre that is the most popular.

      Wattpad-Romance- YA Romance, YA, Fan-Fic of famous people, did I mention romance?
      RoyalRoad- Lit-RPGs and basically power fantasy
      DevientArt- short stories and poetry does the best. If you choose the write novels, fan-fics and whatever is popular in YA trends.

      A cross-genre slice=of-life, some adventure fluff fantasy stories about elves-->

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