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  1. LadyAnder (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    And since I pressed enter before I finished, I'll wrap it all up with this.

    All and all, for me, I don't want one more place. As a web novelist I don't see a lack in place.In fact, all I see is a lot of splintered places with no cohesion. There are so many other platform for writers. I forgottem the writing apps you can get on Android and iOS like Tapas were writers can join. And those have totally different set of nuances and requirements to be successful. Because of all these different platforms, I personally don't want another one. I want to see someone come in with a dedicated team and offer something that all the places I've mentioned don't.

    A place where I can get support without having to join and dedicate updating on their site. In my head, I see no reason why a collective shouldn't work of some sort. And if they have to be exclusive in some way to get it to work, then it's worth seeing if something comes of it. That, I'll would try and support. However, what usually happens, is join our site, post your work, and make money. Which means, start over, invest time into a place, and pray that it doesn't shut down making all that effort useless.

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  2. Readitt (Blocked)

    Posted 8 months ago

    @LadyAnder well I've kinda understand your frustration, when you putting an effort in something and it doesn't work out.

    I think I've made a mistake by telling about paid access option, everyone go crazy about it. It's just one of the features - OPTIONAL.
    Let me tell you a little bit about my self and what is the difference between Readitt and other portals/platforms/services that you mentioned above.

    On this project works three people: me, me again and web developer that I hired to help me. I'm not a web dev, my main job is not related to computers in any way. Readitt doesnt have sponsor like Authotomy(sp) or kickstarter project like Jukepop. For now I have an idea, Idea that perfectly works in another place and I want to move it here in English speaking community (for now). I'm not offering you to "buy" something, I came here to introduce my idea that I want share with other people, to TRY how it works (not to drop everything and jump on our train heads on). No one saying that you can't post in couple of places at same time. Or is it to hard to do COPY/PASTE text from one window in another. We want people to try our platform, give us their feedback, give us their suggestions and maybe one day it will pay off for both of us. Community not made by one person, it's made by everyone for everyone. Thank you for spending your time on us.

  3. smatthews65 (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    I get it...

    I can see a few challenges you may face with audience acquisition/retention...but perhaps you can overcome those in time. I think LadyAnder is right in saying you’ll have trouble attracting established authors. Most people migrate platforms due to convenience or necessity...I think the “why would I?” question will have to be answered first; however, new writers, such as myself and ForestRage, just want to find an attract new people to their work. Since we have no established audience, any platform that could offer that would be welcome.

    So I understand what you’re trying to pull off. I’ll check it out and see what the potential might be. Hope it works out for you.

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  4. unice5656 (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago


    Copy/Pasting a chapter to upload isn't actually easy and simple. The text inevitably loses some of its formatting, such as line spacing, italics, or alignment. It takes an extra 5-10 minutes to upload a chapter to an extra site. Unless you get readers from that site, people aren't going to waste time uploading.

    Every start-up fiction-hosting platform that has come to these forums to try to get writers to upload their works makes the same false assumption: as long as the platform is good, the writers will come, and the readers will follow. This is in fact the reverse order of a successful hosting platform. As long as there are readers, the writers will come, no matter how annoying the platform is. You will likely need to use incentives to get writers with large followings to try your site out, as well as advertise to new, enthusiastic writers who haven't seen all the other start-ups come and go who will be willing to try your site out to provide those initial readers a reason to keep returning to your site.

    @LadyAnder: In my experience, you generally don't lose followers with slow updates on RRL; you just fail to gain them as quickly. Weekly updates are totally fine.

  5. LadyAnder (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    @ Unice565 It's not so much as loosing followers, it's the losing, I suppose, visibility if I didn't make that clear somehow. It was much better when I updated 2-3 times a week to catch up with myself on my main site before I had to drop it down back to one.

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