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2 years ago | Y G (Member)

Salutations to the staff of Web Fiction Guide.

About two months ago, I submitted "On the Road to Elspar (Book 1)" to your website. I read the guidelines in question, and understood a one-month waiting period was just a baseline. However, with the second month having gone by, I am a bit concerned that this may have slipped past your radar, and would like to check up on this. Furthermore, I attempted to email this request, but none of the two emails listed worked.

If I could get confirmation that this is in your checklist, I'd be much obliged.


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  1. AwakenedKingdoms (Member)

    Posted 2 years ago

    Site is undergoing an impending update. People who do this are volunteers, they do it for free. Please check here to see the status of your submission
    Make sure to check the forum topic for updates here
    Chris only has so much time, and I imagine a lot of that is being spent right now ensuring that the new site works and no links are broken. Please be patient. I know it sucks having to wait, but having to update a site that doesn't even host ads or have a working patreon where people are bothering you about submissions probably sucks more.

  2. Fiona Gregory (Moderator)

    Posted 2 years ago

    I'm not in the loop on this, but it doesn't look like the submissions are moving at all at the moment. The last accepted submission was Sept 17. Sorry, YG, you've caught Web Fiction Guide at an awkward time, when the site was undergoing a existentional crisis - see the thread AwakenedKingdoms mentioned for details. TL/DR: Site maintenance was becoming prohibitive for the site owner, Chris Poirier, because mandatory Wordpress updates kept breaking parts of the site, and the last one was really bad. After some discussion of options and offers of help, Chris decided to move the site to another platform (Drupal), which is underway.
    The good news is it looks like WFG does have a future and eventually your story will be one of the first of the new listings on the new site. Thanks for submitting.


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