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4 years ago | celinemathew (Blocked)

I designed this website for a furniture company: Please tell me what you think of the website design? Also, comment on the UI of the website.

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  1. rhythminthemind (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Uhh... That's not really what we do here? I mean, this is a forum for writing websites and online novelists, but, um, I can give it a shot?

    The second page is laid out pretty well. The slides and page fill are both informative and draw the eye to the correct places. The directory page that you link to could use some work, though. It's pretty minimal. Maybe re-jig the layout a bit so that the eye doesn't have to travel the whole page to get all the information? On a different note, just making sure you're aware, the directory doesn't seem to link to either locations in Toronto or Vancouver. That may be intentional. Just a heads up.

    Seriously, though. This isn't the place for that kind of site review. We're writers.

  2. Rhodeworks (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I don't know what Rhythm's talking about. Don't be disheartened, Celine, I will happily review your work.

    Firstly, I find the title to be fairly uninteresting. Surplus Furniture? I suppose it could be poetic depending on how the story unveils (perhaps comparing the plight of the characters to furniture that is not necessary) but that may be reading too much into the work based on a cursory glance.

    Anyway, the story is very much told instead of shown, with the story claiming a variety of qualities without demonstrating it to the audience. The plot is more a list of locations than anything with real substance, although I assume our protagonist is some sort of furniture retailer -- characters and characterization are both quite lacking. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, this piece is quite short. I would definitely consider extending some of these sentences into paragraphs and perhaps focusing on the plot, as opposed to telling everything to your audience in the opening paragraphs.

    I hope this helps!

  3. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    I have to agree and disagree with Rhodeworks on this one. We seem to come to stories from different angles.

    Again, don't be disheartened, Celine.

    I am absolutely -in love- with your world-building you have so far. The fact that you can create an alternate-reality version of Canada with sales locations for this story is amazing. Most other reviewers may not like heavy amounts of exposition, but I can enjoy it just fine. The exposition is rich and made me think longingly about the history of my own alternate-reality Canada. However, where your version has many locations to buy fine furniture at discount prices... My version of Canada is currently filled with Lovecraftian horrors hellbent on eating our brains while also using kill-bots to hunt us down from sunset to sunrise. The idea of such a sedate world filled with furniture and mattresses is heaven. We've had to use all of our furniture in fires to keep warm. We don't have any mattresses anymore as that was the first to be taken by the despotic cult overlords when they came into power. Now, we have to make do with the heaping bones of the dead as places to sleep.

    I really enjoy looking at your site and the warm yellow glow it gives off is great! I can use that light on my phone as a somewhat dim flashlight while searching abandoned ruins. I can also flash it to signal to other survivors when the Cult of Carcosa-Canada armed soldiers try to hunt us down during the scant daylight hours our world still has. They use us as blood sacrifices to their inter-dimensional masters.

    Keep up the good work Celine. Whatever you do, don't let the powers-that-be unleash hell upon your world. Keep up the good fight. Keep writing and building wonderful sites. Don't ever let what happened to my world happen to your well-furnished own. If you can avoid the people unwittingly giving power to the mad political dictator named...

    [Transmission ended by the Carcosa-Canadian Alliance of Civil Control and Sanguinary Sacrifices]

    I have stuff on here too! The Vorrgistadt Saga.
  4. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 4 years ago

    Normally I would have deleted this, but since people were having fun with it, I let it stay. I’m amused that the original poster hasn’t come back, but I suppose the original poster was probably a bot.


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