Review Request: Azarinth Healer

4 years ago | RhaegarRRL (Member)

Hello everyone.

I'm the author of Azarinth Healer on RoyalRoad. The story was recently rejected by the editorial staff of web fiction guide with the stated reason that there was no audience for it here. I'm not going to argue that as it's their final decision to reject or accept stories into the listings.

What I'm looking for are more reviews, specifically from other authors or editors. As you might know RoyalRoad allows everybody to write reviews and the feedback is as mixed as it gets. I tried to work on the given criticism but am looking for more. Are there glaring mistakes evident in the first paragraph or smaller things I could easily work on or change.

If you have the time I'd really appreciate it :).
Link (probably gonna fuck up the code - I in fact did but dunno how it works otherwise): a href=""/a

Oh and this is a resubmit, sorry if this is posted twice. I think I was logged out between writing and posting. If posts are checked before they are listed please ignore this one!

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  1. Raven Secrets (Member)

    Posted 4 years ago

    IIRC Royalroad stuff isn't allowed on WFG. I could be wrong though.


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