Review Request: Born under the moon

6 years ago | The Blue Moon (Member)

Hello everyone! My name is The Blue moon

As you can see, i am new here. So i hope i did everything right for this post to be okay. Anyways, let's get to it.

If you could, give me a review on my webnovel that i am writing. I don't actually want fame or anything, i just want people to point out grammar errors and give their opinions. I am doing this because i love to write, so i am never stopping. I post everytime i can, from Monday to Friday, and some times on the Weekend. If you have the patience and time, come read it! i would love to see your opinion on it, either being a negative or positive one.

Now, why do i want people to review it and point out grammar errors? Well, i am not a native english speaker, so i really want this novel to be polished, since in my country, webnovels aren't that famous. I love reading, but when i got out of things to read, i got bored and tried writing. And i loved it, on the first day that i started, i wrote already 3 chapters of at least 3k words on Word. Now i really got into it, and am planning to at least finish this story that i had in my mind since i was a kid.

So again, Come on over and give your review, opinion and point out grammar errors, and most importantly, Enjoy!

(I know that tumblr is a place of dread for some people, but bear with it for a while.)

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  1. The Blue Moon (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago is a place i post too, but i just post there the Cleaned and revised and read up three times in a row. (Almost all of them, i think. I don't revise much, since when i post, i am too tired to re-read it. A chapter has at least 3k words before getting released) it's not updated though.


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