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10 years ago | MrAndrews (Member)

Heyo! My serialized mystery is listed and working well, but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about how to make the software work better? I'm trying for simplicity and a fairly spartan design, but I want to make sure I'm on the right track. Is the navigation easy to figure out? Does the voting work as expected? (voting may be closed when you read this... it's open Thursday-Tuesday). Anything I'm missing?

Oh, and if you're so inclined, you could also read the actual content on the pages :)


Fission Chips - a comedic mystery novel where readers vote to determine what the hero does next.

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  1. Janoda (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Just a quick scan, don't have the time to actually read lately...
    I like your design. (Said it before, becoming a fan :p )
    It's easy on the eye, simple to grasp and so on. Esp nice, is that your site still looks beautiful when I ctrl + to read it. However I think I'd still go for a tad larger font.

    I'm not completely sure of the chapter navigation. I don't get what you mean by Chapters added as needed, but besides that I don't like the buttons. I think I would prefer text-links there.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. MrAndrews (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Thanks! I've upped the font size. I have to add a font size adjuster onto the page for sure.

    "Chapters as needed" just refers to the fact that since the readers vote on what the character does next, I can't be 100% sure how long the book will go on.

    Thanks again! Hopefully I can launch my next-gen version of this site within the month!

    Fission Chips - a comedic mystery novel where readers vote to determine what the hero does next.
  3. NiSp (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    i like it, especially the 'phone-reminiscent chapter numbers :) i've been a member of the pea-soup haters group for a long time, but even the colour works well.
    the 'choose your own adventure' set-up is intriguing and your story cover fits nicely.

    i just read the home page and i love the 'voice'. your site is definitely bookmarked under 'to read soonest'! if i drug hubby sufficiently, it may even be tonight ;)

  4. Isa (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Just wanted to say, I really like the design AND the content :)

    fluffy-seme: Serial Fiction; cute Russian hockey players, hipsters, traveling-binge drinking English teachers, vampires ... just not necessarily in that order.


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