Review Request: Karmic Reset

11 months ago | AntonShine (Member)

My friend has gotten their story on Web Fiction Guide, and I'd appreciate it if someone could give them a review. I'd do it myself, but I'm concerned they'd think I was just giving baseless praise.

Here's the link to their story:

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  1. TanaNari (Member)

    Posted 11 months ago

    I'll put it on my things to do, if no one else does it first.

    But first thing: this guy desperately needs to fix his blurb here. It reads like someone did a really poor summary of A:tLA's opening. And I'm pretty sure that's not what he was going for.

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  2. ScreamingCandle (Member)

    Posted 11 months ago

    Hi. I'm half way through this. Will work through the other half soon.


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  3. AntonShine (Member)

    Posted 11 months ago

    Thank you.


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