Review Request: The Last Twilight Dragon of Gaia

9 years ago | Drayco84 (Member)

Erm, hello. I'd like some reviews and feedback on my webnovel site,, which is home to my Webnovel, The Last Twilight Dragon of Gaia. It features lots of non-human characters, some of which take on more of a furry appearance. The important thing to note is that humans exist, but they're classified as a "minority" species. It has quite a bot of backstory so far, including a history page. My main problem is that I'm new to EVERYTHING, website design, online novels, site promotion, and this is the first piece of mine to actually see any light whatsoever. There's a fairly easy-to-access feedback script and I've verified that it does work and gets relayed to my gmail account. So, if anyone's willing to check it out and let me know if something sucks or something looks great, that'd be awesome.

EDIT: Uh, please note that there's some violence, although it's not descriptive. And there's lots of innuendo. (Sorry, no descriptively raunchy stuff.) And on occasion, it also has some humor to it. Oh, and nothing is truly sacred...

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  1. Drayco84 (Member)

    Posted 9 years ago

    Uhmmmm... Bump? Oh, and it would help if people didn't have to stumble upon a link on Top Web Fiction to submit sites...

  2. Shandrydan (Member)

    Posted 9 years ago

    Hi, I have had a quick look at your site. My first impression is that it is very difficult to read. I love the colour purple, but it is not easy to read yellow on purple. It put me off reading your story which is a shame.

  3. Shutsumon (Member)

    Posted 9 years ago

    I have to agree with Shandrydan - the yellow text on purple background is impossible to read.

    A neutral light background and dark (preferably black) text is better for readability.

    Now the purple and yellow may be nicely thematic - in that case why not try to code something like this template but replace the green with purple? That is keep the purple away from the main text.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Pyerse (Member)

    Posted 9 years ago

    Yeah I wasnt feeling the purple background with yellow text. And seems like there's too much to read. I wouldnt wanna read that at my computer screen. But maybe in a neutral colored book!

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  5. Rhapsody In Prose (Inactive)

    Posted 9 years ago

    Man, I'm so not a bandwagon-jumper, but yeah, that yellow text on purple is killing me. Anyhow, the navigation along the side of each chapter is similarly loud and disjointed; you've got five different colors going on. The lack of chapter names makes me feel cold, which might be ok in a hard SF story, but it seems at cross-purposes to the feel of this story. The ads are weirdly placed, being left-justified above the fold -- neither centered nor in a continuous strip.

    I know everyone has been discussing the site instead of the story, but I'll have to do likewise. Your description of the story would ordinarily scare me off, but I waded in anyways and found your description accurate.

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