Review request: Theatrica

10 years ago | copenlar-jim (Member)

Hello there,

I have to admit I'm horribly new and inexperienced, but am absolutely delighted to be apart of this community. I have written my first novel and am desperate for people's views and opinions of it. The site is found at and it has only recently been inducted into this directory.

The level of work here is astoundingly high, and I find myself surprised that the publishing world doesn't venture here to get a good view of what talent there is!

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  1. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    They don't need to. Enough talent pounds on their door every day. Did you submit your story here for inclusion as well, so we can review it on the site?

    Havent read it yet, navigating the site... anything that takes 20 seconds to load, with a loading screen, on my work computer will take a couple minutes on my still fast home computer, and about 10 minutes on anyone with a shitty box and or internet connection. It looks really polished and professional, but i would suggest toning it down a bit. Same for the blurbs on the landing page. A bit much. Professional looking layout, with sophomoric phrases in the blurbs. At this point, I'm expecting a comedy novel. If it's NOT, I'd tone it down. navigation seems good, the page one page two descriptor seems... weird, since they aren't pages.

  2. copenlar-jim (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback Alexander,

    I have submitted my novel for inclusion here, and await people's thoughts.

    I have made alterations to the site based on your observations, and hope it will prove beneficial to the site's makeup.

  3. copenlar-jim (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Just to update: my novel is now available in its entirety.


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