Rewriting After Query?

2 years ago | AdamBolander (Member)

I know this isnt the best place to ask a question like this, but since my WattPad account got deleted, my options are limited. agent I queried responded wanting to see more of the book! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Problem is, it's been so long that I assumed all those letters failed and have actually been rewriting the ending of the book over the past few weeks. When I queried this agent, I included a two page summary of how the entire book went--BACK THEN. Obviously the new version doesn't match that summary anymore. If she asks to see the entire book (she only requested the first three chapters) should I just give her the old version, or explain the situation and give her the new version?

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  1. LadyAnder (Member)

    Posted 2 years ago

    If she wants the full manuscript, you probably should just ask her what she wants to see.

    However, I would lean on the old version as that is the completed version that has already been worked on. You probably should tell her that you have a revised version. If she wants to see it, then you give it to her.

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