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  1. Ryan A. Span (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Nicole: The deck's still stacked against you for a series of that size, though. Few people are going to want to read a web-series that they know will take 10 years for the author to complete. That's a serious time investment and the chances of the author actually making it to the end without a meltdown are very very small. And that's presuming it manages to gain any popularity in the first place.

    It's a slightly different ballgame from mass-market paperbacks, but it's telling that lots of professional and competent authors get caught running their own series into the ground, let alone less experienced writers without financial backing.

    When you start something you can't imagine getting burnt out on it so much that you can't keep it up. However, I've skirted that line too often myself to know that it's very very easy. Nobody I've ever known or heard of has managed to pull off such a long a series without a significant drop in quality -- the only one I've read that was remotely enjoyable to the end is Glen Cook's Black Company 10-book epic, and that's made up of several discrete stories spread out over the books. Even the Black Company gets unsteady in the last few volumes though. That's why I hold that if you can't tell a story in 3 books or less then you need to change the way you're telling it.

    I'm not sure that was coherent all the way through, but there you have it. ;)



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