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3 years ago | mooderino (Member)


If anyone has a spare five minutes, I'd appreciate any feedback on my new site. After using various other sites to host my stories (and pick up an audience) I've finally decided to make a home of my own.

This is a request for any thoughts on the site itself (rather than the stories). First impressions, ease of use, annoying glitches, things that are missing... anything along those lines to help me make it a better reader experience would be great.

I know many of you here have your own sites so I'm hoping your experience will help me avoid any schoolboy errors.


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  1. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    So, I went ahead and checked out your site on both my phone and on my browser. I was pleased to find that the site was very responsive (worked well on both sites and was fluid between resolutions) and I did not have a problem navigating between either. This is a VERY professional looking site, and it definitely gives you an air of credibility as an author. I easily found where I needed to go, and the professional looking "covers" that you have do most of the work in making your site look good and professional.

    With that said, I am not a fan of the "avocado" green. It looks a little tacky to me, but that is me. I usually love the green/purple/yellow color schemes (big fan of the Joker) but that shade of green muted the other colors a little too much. Beyond that, I really like your scrolling marque at the top, alternating between different projects and books, but it was going a little too quick. If you could slow that down it would give readers time to actually take in the details before being presented with something else. It was almost like having ADHD. I would maybe add an "about" section, but your limited menu at the top does force your readers to read and support, which is a good strategy.

    Beyond this, and overall, you have a very excellent page! I think you have a knack for design and an understanding for what readers/market expects. I think this site should treat you very well!

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  2. mooderino (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    @revfitz Thanks! That was very thorough and incredibly helpful. Much appreciated.

  3. revfitz (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    No problem! :)

    Existential Terror and Breakfast--A serial with cereal.
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  4. Alexander.Hollins (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    well shoot, with a review like that, Im going to have to take a look later and see what i can stea.... use as inspiration for my own coding.


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