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2 years ago | mathtans (Member)

Hello! I'm Gregory Taylor, aka mathtans. I started my serial blogging site in 2014. I have published regularly ever since, updates varying from twice per week to every two weeks (as it is now). Occasional weekly delays, no breaks.

This means I have posted over ten stories across three different universes, making for over 300 posts, always making sure to write to conclusion (in a reasonably satisfactory way). I have done guest posts on other sites, placed in the top ten of an apprentice level writing competition, put stories on RRL and Wattpad, listed here, and have had reasonable reviews written on various sites.

Last month, April 2020, I had (...checks notes...) 74 pageviews. Total. Granted, I have a couple subscribers who wouldn't show up there, yet throughout all of 2019, I had 6 new comments on my regular posts; half of them were my replies. Never easy.

I'm mostly posting to say that I have completed "Balancing Act", my latest effort listed here:

So someone is welcome to mark that as completed, on the off chance someone would be more willing to read or review in that case.

Anyone is also welcome to vote on my new story, which will be another "entries voted on by readers" effort. And since I very rarely get more than 4 votes (even now, when I ask people to RT for my birthday), the odds are good that you (or your reader friends, feel free to tell them) will influence the writing in some way... if that's incentive:

I'm also posting to say that if you're cranking out regular content, of a reasonable quality, with posts to social media and on the blogs of more popular writers, and after over five years still aren't seeing much for all your efforts... welcome to the club? (Granted, since the birth of my daughter nearly two years ago, I've fallen way behind in keeping up with other writers' works. Though I've no evidence that's made a difference one way or the other.) It's never easy. I just have to keep hoping I'm making a half dozen people smile.

It could be worse, right? Keep doing what you enjoy. Thanks for reading.

Writing a Time Travel serial:
Writer of the personification of math serial:

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  1. Sharkerbob (Member)

    Posted 2 years ago

    I admire you a lot for sticking to it. As long as you're still having fun doing what your doing and finding satisfaction in it.

    Actually, your perspective on this matter could make for an interesting topic. Tell me, is your voice Handsome? Maybe we can get you on our podcast sometime. It's a casual conversation cast, but we also are getting webfic writers on to discuss their stories. I can't guarantee it'll drive any more traffic, since we're new anyway, but hey, you never know. We're booked up for a few weeks, but you can always contact us on the discord.

  2. Pyrocardiac (Member)

    Posted 2 years ago

    That's an impressive output, Gregory. I'm glad you're passionate enough about your stories to keep them going in this cutthroat attention marketplace we call the internet. If you'd like a review, I'm game. I'm looking to get more involved in the web fiction community now that I have plans to start my own serial soon.

    Speaking of which, Sharkerbob, how might one find this discord of which you speak? Enjoying the podcast BTW.

  3. Sharkerbob (Member)

    Posted 2 years ago

    Sorry, I check this website like once a month. :V

    Here you go:

    And thanks, glad you like it! :)

  4. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 2 years ago

    Thanks. Still fun, yes. Satisfaction? Well, as much as one can derive from writing a vote-for-plot series where sometimes one only gets 2 votes. These days it helps me have something to do aside from work and parenting at least.

    As far as podcasts go, sure... I've been on one before, though it was for my history with anime and I got some of the questions in advance so I wouldn't miss mentioning a thing or two. But yeah, I'm a full time teacher (in a completely new online setting) and full time parent right now, so I doubt I'll have any spare moments until July anyway. My site is also running various stories, so I'm not sure what you'd want me to focus on.

    I'll check the podcast out though (and try to remember to visit the Discord channel again, I haven't lurked there recently).

    Then as far as reviews go, Pyrocardiac, feel free! The link to "Balancing Act" is up there. I cannot guarantee that I'd be able to reciprocate at this point though, given the lack of spare time situation. Thanks for the compliment too. All the best to everyone out there! I may cloak again for a while.

    Writing a Time Travel serial:
    Writer of the personification of math serial:


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