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11 years ago | Ryan A. Span (Member)

Adapted from the main site:

Hey STREET fans, we've got something new for you!

If you follow Ryan/STREET on Twitter or Facebook, you'll have seen this already, a preview of the new Clairvoyance cover by the great artist Jan Pospisil, who also delivered the lovely Empathy cover back in the day.

What's new is that we're running a wee contest; we want you to give us your opinion of the STREET series, or Clairvoyance specifically if you've been following things on the website. The most awesome line (or two!) will be given space on the back cover of Clairvoyance, with full credit!

If you're a writer, it's one way to get some cross-promotion for your name and that of your webfic.

There are three ways you can submit your entries. You can e-mail them to cs [at] streetofeyes [dot] com, with the subject 'STREET quote contest'; you can post them on Twitter in one or more Tweets with the hashtag #streetquote; or you can post them to the STREET page on Facebook.

This contest will run until 1 May, at which point the winner(s) will be announced.

Hey, it could be you. ;)


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