1 year ago | Zoner (Member)

So I put my submission in a month ago. It was at second on the list. I edited it, and now it's at last again. Does that mean I have to wait another month? I hope that is not the case.

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  1. TanaNari (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Sorry, I think you're pretty much screwed. Wasn't there a warning to let you know that was a risk?

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  2. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    Yeah, don't edit your submission, the assumption is that you've realized you're not ready yet. I don't think there's any warning message though, it's simply something that's come up previously here in the Forum.

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  3. Maromar (Member)

    Posted 1 year ago

    You have my condolences. In the meantime, I suggest you look back at, and proofread all of your work, lurk/contribute to the forums, and make a neat little signature with a url link to your web novel to give you a bit of a traffic boost.

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