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  1. Sora (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    @A_M: I see. Well, I suppose if they are new and haven't been featured, you can kick me off. If not, I guess you can leave me on. XD

  2. Murazrai (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    I would want to give priority to others who did not submit their villains as well. They should have some chance to shine.

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  3. Kess (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Look at me, always late to the party. Hope this is in time!

    Trope: Action Survivor

    Faith survived the end of her world due to more luck than skill. Thrown together with a group of strangers, this ordinary girl has been forced to step up in order to keep on breathing. She never meant to end up leading the Seekers, but no-one else offered and now she doesn't know how to back down.

    She doesn't have any special abilities beyond an old first aid certificate, a desire to help everyone she can, and a reflex to rant when she gets angry. She feels her way as she goes and follows her instincts through various struggles, from searching for food and water to battles with rival gangs and shambling undead. She can feel herself changing as she adjusts to the new world she walks, but it's a process that she resists for fear of losing who she is in the scramble to survive.

    Inclined to care about those around her, she has grown close to her group over the months since the world ended, and she protects them fiercely if not always wisely. She is bruised from those she has loved and lost along the way, but she keeps pushing forward anyway. She fears that if she stops, she'll find there's no future for any of them any more and that will be the end of them.

    Through all of this, she keeps a journal of her struggles and trials, telling the story of her group in the hopes that someday, someone will read it and know what happened here. Most of all, she fears becoming one of the nameless dead, forgotten along with all that came before.

  4. A. M. Harte (Moderator)

    Posted 10 years ago

    @Kess Just in time! Today's the last day. ;)

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  5. Leem (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Well, there are still a few hours until midnight, so here goes:

    Trope category(ies): Wild Child, Raised By Wolves, Nature Hero, Naked On Arrival (etc)

    Name: Ketrin

    Short description: A human boy raised by striped lupinoids in the jungle, he is somehow motivated to return to human society at about 18, where he learns interesting human customs like wearing clothes, and then removing them again for (bi) sex. Adopted by the widow Mavrida, who names him Ketrin after her long-lost son, he earns the enmity of the unscrupulous chief hunter Borvinn, and the undying love of the young hunter Sherinel, one of Borvinn's former victims.

    Superpower/special abilities/etc: Ability to communicate with lupinoids telepathically; fast acquisition of language and other skills; rapid healing; lupinoid tracking and hunting skills combined with human intelligence.

    Motivations/goals: Prevent humans from attempting to exterminate lupinoids; protect friends and family whether two- or four-legged. A later goal involves saving a village from starvation during a drought.

    Obstacles: With suspiciously inconvenient timing Ketrin suffers a debilitating illness and has to recover as best he can before trying to outwit Borvinn and his hunters. Borvinn himself has a spell crystal with which he intends to paralyse Ketrin for purposes of rape and humiliation; however, even if paralysed, Ketrin will still be able to communicate with lupinoids and beg them to help and protect his friends.

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  6. A. M. Harte (Moderator)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Thanks everyone! Submissions are now closed.

    As some of you may have already guessed, not all of the submissions will make it on to it (I'm talking about those of you who were showcased in the previous villain's post) as I'll operate on a first-come first-served basis for you guys. That means the first 3 of you who submitted will be on it. ;)

    Post will be up around midday GMT tomorrow after I'm done editing/restructing/streamlining etc.

    My blog is at quillsandzebras, and I'll make sure to pass by here and post the link as well!

    Thanks again, guys. :)

    Qazyfiction: fantasy fiction with a sinister edge.
  7. A. M. Harte (Moderator)

    Posted 10 years ago

    It's here!

    Qazyfiction: fantasy fiction with a sinister edge.
  8. Frances Gonzalez (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Thanks so much for putting this together!

  9. Leem (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago


    A feral youth. Wolflike telepaths. An evil sorcerer. Adventure. Danger. Sex. Ketrin - it's a jungle out there.
  10. Xarro (Member)

    Posted 10 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the feature! I'll post on link on Facebook too. :)

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