Thanks, Sov!

11 months ago | unice5656 (Member)

I would just like to post a thank-you for the lovely review left to me by SovereignofAshes. Nicely detailed, and it explains LitRPG well to those who might not be familiar with the genre.

Just one thing: "Her update output is amazing." Sarcasm? Haha, or do you mean "amazingly slow"?

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  1. Shaeor (Member)

    Posted 11 months ago

    I was curious, so I looked. Here's the review link for anyone else. Looks very in depth!

    CHOSEN SHACKLES The screen is running static. Face your shadow.
    DIRGE The light is dying. Hold your breath and go gently.
  2. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 11 months ago

    Much obliged. My apologies, I would have commented earlier but I was away from the internet for a few days.

    I just noticed that I said 'game' too many times in one paragraph of the review. I'll fix that immediately. If there is anything I missed, please let me know. That goes for thelonewanderer as well, as I hit his fic up for a review at the same time. If I'm off about anything, I'd rather it be correct.

    Unice, your output — at least in my perspective — is amazing. You've worked on Fantasia for 3 years now, isn't it? That is dedication as well as output. You put effort and time into your writing, that isn't a bad thing at all. The only person I feel qualified to compare to is myself, and... Well... *looks at the spider webs gathered over on Vorrgi* You've got me beat. ^_^

    Shaeor, you have quite the output and dedication, as well. With all the travails you've been dealing with, you still stick with a schedule and get your chapters out. It's sad that Dirge is so near completion. I can't wait to see what you have in store with your cyber/dreampunk story.

    I have stuff on here too! The Vorrgistadt Saga.