That Sudden Spots the Space Marine Thing

12 years ago | M.C.A. Hogarth (Member)

I just wanted to wave hello and explain the sudden appearance of Spots the Space Marine, since I saw a couple of questions about it on Twitter; I feel a bit sheepish!

I've been writing Spots twice a week for about a year now on Livejournal, which I like because it makes threaded conversations easy for brain-dead new moms with no sleep (that would be me). I never had the chance to list it here or on Muse's Success because its website linked to the LJ entries and didn't have proper interior navigation. But a couple of weeks ago my web-admin and I got together and did a one-day transfer of 73+ episodes, plus illustrations so we could put together proper navigation. I submitted the serial to both sites and told my readers... that's how it showed up so abruptly on the Top Web Fiction site and on Twitter's WebFicWed tag.

The serial's my current crowdfunded endeavor. Some of the episodes are illustrated, either with directly embedded pictures or with links to exterior sketches, both by me. It's about half-finished, and I donate some of my profit to a couple of charities that benefit active duty and wounded soldiers.

I'm hoping the new (proper!) navigation will help new readers get into it!


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  1. capriox (Member)

    Posted 12 years ago

    Welcome to club! I think it's a great thing to have established series like yours join us because not only do you get exposure to new readers, but we get exposure to all of yours =) Here's to enlarging the pool of weblit readers, even if it is just a couple at a time!

    Congrats on successfully using LJ, btw. I'm trying to do the same and it's a bit cross-eyeing at times making sure my readers can get around the story and site easily.

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  2. M.C.A. Hogarth (Member)

    Posted 12 years ago

    Thanks, capriox! That's what I figure... my readers are awesome folks who regularly give writers who delight them their coffee money because they really believe in web fiction. They're always looking for something to read! :)

    As for getting around LJ... eh, I don't think it's really made for that. Tagging can help (people can just go to tag here), but unless your journal is nothing -but- your fiction it can be really hard to keep track of. That's why I regularly archive my stuff to my website, so I can put real navigation on it. :/



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