The Vorrgistadt Saga - Review Request & Swap

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  1. Megajoule (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    Most of my experience with fantasy is home brew stuff. I haven't really played in any official material at all outside of Rise of the Runelords on Pathfinder! Because of my worldbuilding itch, I generally want to run games in my own worlds, but I'm certainly not opposed to playing in Forgotten Realms.

    The modern conversion I used was ported over, but I only have the dropbox files, not the original link. It's not AMAZING but it serves its purpose. I generally treat the fights that we roleplay as first drafts of the story, and I make narrative changes as I see fit. (Also, because I can't relay all of the combat since I'm in first person with Gabe, I have to make some structural changes so the narrative impact of the fight is the same, but what Gabe sees doesn't have to get warped around that. The only exception to this so far was the War in the Second Ward, where I needed a chapter from Bedevil and Epione each to tell the full story, but I handwaved that as them relaying what happened to Gabe after the fact)

    I've played a lot in AD&D thanks to a friend of mine that ran modified homebrew versions, but still used the advanced books as sources for all of his rules. Those games are so gritty and fun, and they're great when I want a break from the high fantasy adventure of 5e.

    I am cautiously optimistic about Pathfinder 2e. They'll have to do more than steal their ideas from 5e, which is what I'm kind of worried about. But, if they do just take Pathfinder in their own direction, I'd be excited to try it out.

    I'm not super worried about 5e being killed off yet, to be honest. There's a ton of mainstream support I don't think the earlier editions saw: you've got a lot of celebrities open and out about their roleplaying, or very willing to indulge even if it's not their usual gig. I don't know if we can completely blame/thank Matt Mercer, but I do feel like it's not nearly a dirty word as it used to be, anyway.

    I have only had bad experiences online haha, lots of confusion and whatnot. Gamers distracted by the internet right in front of them. Almost all of my games are in meatspace.

    I love table-top, it's probably my main hobby besides writing and fitness, and for exactly the reason you've said: just telling a good story with lots of people. A lot of my longest friendships were formed over roleplaying.

    It's good to see someone in the wild who also enjoys it! It's informed a lot of my writing, and in some cases, directly influenced my story, hahaha / a clone of the greatest superhero in the world, with only a fraction of the power
  2. Moonfeather (Member)

    Posted 7 months ago

    I swear to God, Imma get to this eventually. I wouldn't mind doing a swap with you Sovereign. b

  3. SovereignofAshes (Member)

    Posted 6 months ago

    Hi Moonfeather,

    Sorry that I didn't see this earlier, it's been awhile. I'd be up for a swap if you have time. I'll add Nature's Kingdom to the list, right now.

    I can't give an exact time that I'll be able to get to your review as things are up in the air right now.

    I still need to get a review done for 'Birth of Mana' and 'Not All Heroes,' as well. I'll see about doing all three at once, if I can.

    Hope things are going well for you.

    I have stuff on here too! The Vorrgistadt Saga.


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