The Wonderland Effect

6 years ago | Hatter57 (Member)

HI all!

I just wanted to put this note out to let people know about my new web serial, The Wonderland Effect. This is a very new project. The web site has been active for less than a week and is still very much a work in progress. However, the first chapter is posted, and everything I put out there is available to read for free. Check it out at

So what is The Wonderland Effect about? It's basically the story of a 16-year-old girl, Alice Littleton, who developed super powers after an accidental poisoning when she was eight. All of her powers have their roots in the writings of Lewis Carroll. The story follows her discovery that there are others with super powers out there, and not all of them have good motives. The story is geared towards a YA audience, with some mayhem and violence. Nothing worse than (or even as graphic as) The Hunger Games trilogy, just to use a random example.

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope to see you online.

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  1. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    Have you submitted your story to be listed on WFG? Posting here may work, but you'll get more readers by being listed.

    Anathema, a web serial about the effect superpowers would have on our world.
  2. Wildbow (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    Can't submit until you have X number of chapters done or have been writing it for Y weeks or something, IIRC. This restriction is loosened for people with a good track record.

    Too many people start serials and don't get past a certain number of chapters.

  3. Chrysalis (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    I submitted my serial when I had just the prologue and first chapter posted. The minimum WFG asks for is 4K words, if I remember correctly.

    Anathema, a web serial about the effect superpowers would have on our world.
  4. alex5927 (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    It's three chapters or 4,000 words.

  5. Taulsn (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    Chrysy your first chapter is 4,300 words, you qualified by that point. Of course Hatter's first chapter is 5,865, so Hatter can submit as well. Likely Hatter already has, and It just hasn't been posted yet.


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